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eBay's 2013 "Top Five" Sales Lists Start Off Big With A Near-$1M Veyron Sale

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On: Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 5:05PM | By: Andrew W Davis

eBay's 2013 "Top Five" Sales Lists Start Off Big With A Near-$1M Veyron Sale

Need proof that the economy is getting back on track? How about the first eBay Top Five list in history to boast a value in excess of two million dollars? That’s right, folks, this is the first time in (my) recorded history that a.) any car’s been reported sold on eBay for nearly $1M; and, b.) the five highest claimed automotive auction sales prices (within two consecutive months) have exceeded $2M.

Oddly enough, however—especially in the Lamborghini’s case—the top four here are in the most boring color schemes their respective manufacturers have to offer (not that #5’s hue is all that exciting, either). Then again, this may reflect buyers’ desires to remain a little less conspicuous in their consumption, at least until the average American can afford their own guilty automotive pleasures.

Unleash the (late-model, near-new) hounds!

[All auctions featured were/are listed as sold/”green” on eBay’s “Completed Listings”. I didn't sell them, but it seems someone did...]

TOP SELLER #1: $925,000 — 2006 Bugatti Veyron — [Jan. 25, 2013] More_Info

When Volkswagen unveiled the hypercar “Bug” they made sure that the two-tone-oriented nature of its swoopy bodywork was highlighted by using contrasting Easter egg colors for every panel that wasn’t painted gloss black. Why this car’s original owner chose to select “custom matte grey” of all things is unclear, but if he or she was aiming for being as incognito as you can be in a thousand-horsepower hypercar, mission accomplished. Then again, judging by the blasé beige “Silk” interior, this could just be the ride of the most boring rich person in the universe. Sure, it’s a “unique” combo, but that’s for a reason. Why they didn’t just opt for the late-model Crown Vic they really wanted over the ultimate in automotive extroverts remains a mystery, though with 5,700 miles on the clock, at least somebody got some use out of it (though perhaps that 5,701 mile was just too exciting for him/her to bear).

TOP SELLER #2: $459,995 — 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Drophead — [Jan. 28, 2013] More_Info

Why a dealer would sell an “as-new” bespoke Phantom II Drophead for $460k when its MSRP is $529k boggles my mind, but there you go. This is the same dealer/seller of the aforementioned Veyron, so perhaps their liquidating their inventory for whatever they can get. It might be from the same customer, too, judging by the plain-though-“bespoke” (special-order) “Carrera Pearl White” exterior. The interior, however, is where things get wacky. While “Seashell” with “Consort Red” piping and “Black Ash Wood” might not be the worst combo on earth, but when you’re configuratin’ one of the universe’s fanciest—and most expensive—drop-tops, I think it’s not too much to ask that you try and create a combination befitting of the Rolls-Royce name. Sure, the folks at R-R will build whatever you pay them to, but don’t take their complicity as any sign of their approval. [They also went for the brushed stainless steel hood panel while opting to ditch the Drophead’s most interesting exterior feature, the wooden “decking” over the convertible top well.] Regardless it’s an as-new (for 4,200 miles) Roller at an apparent $69k discount.

TOP SELLER #3: $255,000 — 2012 Aston Martin DBS Volante convertible — [Jan. 25, 2013] More_Info

If there’s one thing today’s Aston-Martin is good at it’s tweaking aging product via the time-honored tradition of “special edition” creation. This “last of the last DBS Convertibles” is a perfect example. Described by the selling dealer as a “2012 Aston Martin DBS Volante Ultimate Edition Silver Fox 1 of 100” (for whatever that’s worth), you’ve got your run-of-the-mill—if there is such a thing—DBS drop-top, just with some additional flair. [Thanks Mike Judge!] Though not very sporting-looking from outside—sensing a pattern here?—the interior’s got all the racy red DBS stitching, red-trimmed floor mats and embroidered “DBS” headrests. You’ve also got the second-lowest-mileage car on this list—with 221 miles indicated—so if you’re looking for an as-new Aston DBS V12 convertible, you could certainly do worse.

TOP SELLER #4: $234,735 — 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder Egear — [Feb. 6, 2013] More_Info

OK, this has to stop. Yes, the eye-searing metallic oranges and greens can be garish, but doesn’t a vehicle befitting the Lamborghini name deserve better coloration than a stone-slab all-gray interior wrapped in Appliance White? [And no, calling it “Bianco Monocerus” doesn’t make it any better.] Heck, even the supposedly-contrasting-stitching is white! For shame. But it seems a common theme at this Calif. Dealership, as they have a nearly-identically-trimmed “2010 LP560-4 SPYDER” Egear in “Ballon White Pearl” [STILL not cool] over black-ish gray, with 3,752 miles, for a Buy-It-Now of $189,900. With that car you get all-wheel drive and ten more horses under its beetleback hood. Would I, as my mother would say, kick either of them out of bed? No. [And no, that saying is not weird, even coming from her.] In fact, I’d almost trade my beloved ’89 Olds Custom Cruiser woody wagon for either one. But notice I said “almost.” Granted, I might feel differently if such a proposition was actually posed, but for now, I’ll stick with the car I can actually use all-day, every-day, no matter what. At least until an “Arancio Borealis” or “Verde Ithaca” Gallardo shows up. Now THOSE are some super-awesome-sounding colors!

TOP SELLER #5: $190,000 — 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan — [Feb. 5, 2013] More_Info
Note to anyone selling a $5k+ car—let alone a $200k one—invest in a decent camera. Yes, showing a variety of views is important, but a single clear photo trumps a bunch of crappy ones every time. It figures that the most visually interesting lot of the *ahem* lot would be captured in the worst photos. Well, here’s the skinny anyway: Though cheapest of the modern Rolls-Royce line the Ghost sedan is nonetheless comparatively expensive. Even though it’s three-model-years-old this reportedly one-owner—for 12,931 miles—sedan in “Metropolitan Blue Metallic with a White leather interior” still rang the eBay register at a skosh below $200k. If images such as these can be believed it seems like a good deal to me, but even that “lowest-priced” of this feature’s five sounds more like the price of a home than a car. So here’s to hoping that these Ghosts go the way of the last ones, dropping precipitously in price as the years wear on so that even someone on a journalist’s budget can pick up one in money-pit, soul-stealing condition. [Own an old Rolls and you’ll weep in sympathy with this statement…]

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