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Innovative Fastback System Creates Transformer Sports Car

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On: Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 5:13PM | By: Chris Weiss

Innovative Fastback System Creates Transformer Sports Car

It would seem that the market is ripe for a car that shifts shapes between popular models. Over the past year, we've seen concepts that allude to the possibilities, including the Magna Steyr MILA Coupic and Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top, both of which used innovative two-part roof systems to transform from hatchback to pickup truck to convertible. Industrial design firm Xelestine presents a system that provides an even more radical transformation - sports coupe to station wagon to pickup truck.

Unlike the Magna Stery and Hyundai systems, which both used a sliding roof action, the Xelestine system adds a raised hatchback action. The glass rear windshield lifts up from the body, opening up more interior space for what Xelestine describes as a station wagon configuration. While it doesn't look quite big enough to earn the "wagon" designation, it certainly opens up more space for rear passengers and cargo. It also looks more stylish than the average station wagon - like a classic Kammback more than a soccer-team-toting wagon.

The hatchback also folds forward, opening up a rear bed and, with the help of two additional panels, creating a partition between the front cabin and bed. In this way, a car equipped with the system can serve as a small pickup truck, carting all kinds of things you'd never imagine stuffing into a regular two-door sports car.

"While a sports car can certainly have much better handling ability than an SUV or MPV, it lacks rear passenger space and also holds minimal cargo," Xelestine explains. "This design concept is developed to address these problems. User who drives this car in fastback configuration can also benefit from the lower air drag, and hence get better gas mileage."

Unfortunately, as a design from a non-manufacturer, we don't think the system will see production. The firm did file for a world patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization and is interested in pursuing the design in collaboration with a manufacturer. Hopefully some manufacturer will take a chance on this particular design or one of the other transforming car-pickup designs. They offer the potential for versatility that today's production cars can't match.

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aa car transport | 11:33AM (Mon, Jan 28, 2013)

There is no doubt that SUV are much more pacious than a sport car. You must eliminate all unused parts to gain lighter weight.

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