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Misguided Agenda

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On: Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 8:35AM | By: Benjamin Roussey

Misguided Agenda

Brace for impact; car companies must continue their pursuit to make cars run more efficiently. Wouldn’t you think they would do this on their own without big brother meddling in their internal affairs? It is amazing anyone would want to invest in this business. The latest gimmick is that consumers, like us, will have to pay more for cars initially but supposedly save money in the long term. Now, cars and light trucks will have to abide by greenhouse gas emissions regulations.

The Transportation Department, along with another federal bureaucracy, the Environmental Protection Agency, have worked together to amicably resolve the tailpipe emission issue. This stems from the accord of the May 2009, an agreement that these two wonderful agencies established with the auto industry. This has been a tug-of-war between the auto industry and big brother. To some, man-made global warming is real despite the truth that global warming scientists have fabricated and withheld critical evidence. But this sham is being used to transfer power from the U.S. and other powerful countries to the so-called victims, countries in Africa and such. Furthermore, the White House is elated with this outcome and Congress is deciding to pass climate legislation this year. The latter will be another body blow to the U.S. economy.

When the model year 2016 rolls around, automobiles must produce 35.5 miles per gallon according to the new agreement. These stipulations will add about $985 to the sticker price of the car. Does this make sense in a poor economy? And with increased taxes on everyone coming down heavily, this is a devastating combination. The government boasts that the driver will save $4,000 in fuel costs throughout the car’s lifetime. If the government could just cut the fuel tax, car drivers would be able to save a considerable amount of money every year. Considering this latter point, drivers will not save any money since every gallon of gas we buy is a rip-off. In addition, what happens if gas prices increase? Then this move by these federal agencies will prove to be futile. And gas prices will probably increase as the demand increases. This is while America just sits and looks at the oil shale, natural gas, and oil we cannot drill for and utilize because of federal and state roadblocks.

The bureaucrat Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and another federal employee, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, are satisfied that these new fuel rules could save 1.8 billion barrels of oil from 2012 to 2016. This falls under their precious new acronym CAFE which stands for Corporate Average Fuel Economy.

The bureaucrats are elated since they think this will force car companies to dive into new technologies. This is probably correct, but they would probably have done this anyhow since competition automatically forces companies to become more efficient. Americans just wish government was more efficient. Environmentalists across the spectrum are happy. But Americans know they would be happy if we had 20% unemployment but cars could run for 40 miles on one gallon of gas. In that frightening scenario, many people would not be able to afford a car or need one since they would not have a job to drive to.

The 35 mpg goal was set to kick in, in 2020. But this administration, rather than take actions that would work against Iran or cut taxes to spur the economy, is content with its achievement. The new numbers mean that greenhouse gas emissions should decline by 21% by 2030. This should be more than possible since by this time Americans should be driving cars that run off other forms of energy like switch grass, algae, and electricity. Hybrid vehicles should continue to gain ground as well. The private sector already has the motivation to make the best car, the car that is the most efficient combined with the most power. So this entire effort is a great deal of wasted time and another indication we have a leader and federal bureaucrats who are not on the same page as most Americans.



BMWRules | 2:02AM (Sat, Apr 24, 2010)

. .. not a moderate are we Ben?

wasted time ben? oh yeah, ill tell you what, this article was a waste of my time! next time you wanna write something, make it worthwhile. loser...

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