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2013 Mercedes SL653: The Future Never Looked So Good!

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On: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 4:04PM | By: Lou Ruggieri

2013 Mercedes SL653: The Future Never Looked So Good!

Amidst all of the current hybrid nonsense going on in the world, it would be easy for a traditional gearhead to lose faith in the hope that the future will bring him bigger, better, and badder models to choose from. Considering how everything now seems to either plug-in, charge-up, or boast more about miles per gallon than horsepower, it is at the very least understandable to imagine how someone could think that our world's best hot rod days are behind us. But fear not, you weary worrywarts, we are here to tell you that not all is lost. In fact, one look at the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 and all your fears will be quelled.

Not only does the SL63 look like the baddest boulevard bruiser this side of Stuttgart, unlike so many other excessively clad posers, it packs the punch to back up its bravado. Sure, it has all of the amenities of a modern day badass -- a Speedshift MCT seven-speed transmission, optional carbon ceramic brakes (sure they'll run you an extra 12 grand, but really who's counting?), a suspension and body parts comprised with plenty of aluminum and carbon fiber, but if the engine is a giant Duracell, then all the coolest features in the world wouldn't help. But, the SL63 brings the thunder -- and under the hood is the saving grace we all should be thankful for. The AMG guys gave the big Merc a heart that should strike fear into every Prius on the planet -- a 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged DOHC V8 that pumps out a whopping 530-horsepower and an eyeball flattening 590 lb-ft of torque. And as if somehow that crazy amount of power was just not enough, AMG offers up a performance package (which insinuates somehow that over 500-hp and nearly 600 lb-ft of torque does not qualify for AMG's performance standards). This package bumps power up to 557 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, which honestly, is just shy of stupid power. Or how about what all that power can translate to the pavement? How does a 0-60 mph run of just 4.2 seconds sound? How about a quarter mile time of 12.3 seconds @ 121 mph? Let's see a Nissan Leaf compete with that!

Aside from ridiculous power, the SL63 does sport a few other stats tree-huggers may or may not like. The big Merc did drop 276 pounds from last year's model which is good, right? Less weight, less carbon footprint or something like that right? Just keep out the part about how the SL63 still tips the scales at 4,050 pounds after dropping the weight. Fuel economy has also improved by 30-percent over the outgoing model, which again, is fantastic! No problems there! Go green! But again, last year's model only sported 12 city / 19 highway miles per gallon so again, depending on how you look at it ... So it's more about perspective than anything in terms of keeping up with the eco-times, but then again, the SL63 isn't really designed for the hipster-recycling-guy.

In fact, with a base price of $146,695 the SL isn't made for many people at all. But then, that's not the point either, is it? Sure, one of the baddest Mercedes in history is expensive, but they have always catered to the upper echelon of tax brackets. So although you might be sad that you can't yet afford a 550-horsepower 2013 SL63, be happy that cars like this monster are still out there for you to pine after.

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