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Mini Sets World Record Parallel Park, Like A Boss

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On: Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 3:17PM | By: Chris Salamone

Mini Sets World Record Parallel Park, Like A Boss

In the last two years, Guinness World Records has seen the title change hands five times for the tightest parallel park. Most notably, a German driver named Ronny Wechselberger achieved total victory last year, emergency braking into home via Volkswagen Polo, while garnering millions of internet views shortly thereafter. But last month, Wechselberger’s record was smashed by Patrik Folco, who managed to slide into a gap which measured a mere 8.66 inches wider than Mr. Folco’s vehicle. As it would turn out, not even 8.66 inches was small enough to ward off all challengers.

On the heels of an already impressive parallel parking record, Chinese stuntman and driver extraordinaire, Han Yue, laid waste to the competition – drifting to eternal glory at a mere 5.91 inches beyond the length of his China-market special edition Mini.

And this was no accident. Mini organized Yue’s world record attempt to occur in conjunction with the launching of a new special edition Mini, aptly named The Chinese Job.

Of course, ‘eternal glory’ is a relative phrase. Provided automakers and driving Jedi masters stop attempting to defeat the current world record, Yue might just remain top dog for the duration. The trouble is…not all cars (or drivers) are created equal. No matter how incredibly talented Han Yue is, the likelihood of him performing the same 5.91 inch parallel park in a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air is close to zero percent. As our cars improve, particularly small, front wheel drive models, Guinness World Records might see a whole new generation of drivers capable of sub 5.91 inch parks.

That’s not to say Yue’s e-brake maneuver wasn’t impressive. Few of us could perform the same feat with a collective gun put to our heads. The video is downright freaky, showcasing Yue’s calm and cool demeanor despite a wall of German-engineered metal, plastic, and rubber.

There is, however, one question left unanswered in Mini’s The Chinese Job launch video. What good is a 5.91 inch parallel park if we can’t exit the same space after fleeing from the Polizia or robbing a bank, perhaps. No offense, but if we’re really trying to set a parallel parking record – much less reference The Italian Job – than drivers should be required to ingress and egress the space with equal success.

For that, a perpendicularly parked Smart car might do just the trick.


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