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Hyundai Unleashes A Pack Of Baboons Onto The i30 (Video)

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On: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 10:32AM | By: Chris Weiss

Hyundai Unleashes A Pack Of Baboons Onto The i30 (Video)

We've all seen those "when animals go wild" type videos where an unsuspecting station wagon full of tourists becomes victim to a stomping, punching and clawing pack of wild primates. Usually, those encounters are an inadvertent side effect of visiting a safari-type amusement park (or actual safari). In the case of the Hyundai i30, there was nothing inadvertent about it.

Hyundai's British division took an i30 hatchback to Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool. Their goal was to do a unique type of endurance test, and they selected baboons for their penchant to tear visitors' cars apart. They rolled the i30 into the park and essentially let the pack of baboons go to town - for 10 hours.

Hyundai wasn't all that worried about the car because it's "been specially designed for families and their 'little monkeys' in the back, with extra strong materials used to build the interior, easy wipe plastics, tough fittings and a special high quality steel used for the bodywork." It felt that the real monkeys wouldn't be much harder on the car than the proverbial "little monkeys."

In case you feel bad for the baboons who were essentially unsuspecting lab rats, you probably shouldn't. "For a baboon, to have a car to play with for a whole day is manna from heaven!" said David Ross, General Manager at Knowsley Safari Park, on the YouTube description. "These baboons are incredibly inquisitive. If you put them on any car they will scour it for the weak points and find any faults. At one point there were 40 monkeys in the car, pushing it to its limits -- that's ten times the size of the average human family!"

So yeah, they had a pretty good day.

Now we're pretty sure that Hyundai Motor UK's claim that the i30 was "virtually unscathed" is full of more #$@! than the car after those 10 hours, but who cares? There's a pack of baboons waiting to destroy a Hyundai just below your cursor. Just hit play, man.


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