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Porsche May Develop A Second Sedan

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On: Thu, May 17, 2012 at 12:58PM | By: Chris Weiss

Porsche May Develop A Second Sedan

Dear Porsche: You were once the badge of obtainable dreams, something that got young children excited about going to college and making enough money to be "The Guy" on the other side of that black 911 with massive spoiler sitting in the local mall parking lot. What happened? Now all our Porsche coverage is filled with stories about sedans and small crossovers, not so much about actual sports cars. And, we bet those children are moving their attention away from Porsche. We're rather regretful to report on a baby Panamera at this stage in the game. Please speed up development of the 918 Spyder Hybrid and possible 959 successor so that we can once again look at the Porsche shield with love and admiration.

The next Porsche in the pipeline is the Macan, a small crossover that complements the larger Cayenne. It looks like the other controversial, diluted Porsche - the Panamera - may have a younger sibling of its own. German magazine Auto Bild reports that Porsche is working on a small version of its four-door codenamed the Pajun (Panamera Junior) as its sixth model line. The model, which would come in the form of a shooting brake, could debut by 2017.

It seems that, like so many other companies, entities and persons, Porsche has no problem trading a little self-esteem to pump up its bottom line. While many Porsche and general sports car fans winced at the idea of the Cayenne and the Panamera, the models have quickly become top sellers - they put the sporty appeal of a Porsche in a car people can actually drive every day. So making cheaper, smaller versions is pretty much a no brainer from a profit standpoint.

One has to wonder, though, exactly how much water the Stuttgart shield can take on before it sinks into obscurity. Porsche plans to add a couple more model lines in order to double annual sales within the next few years. If it goes through with both the Macan and the Pajun, the majority of Porsche's lineup would be four-doors. And even some of the two-doors (Boxster and Cayman) are basically just low-end 911 derivatives.

Unless Porsche can add some balance on the other end of the scale (the 918 and possible mid-level 458 fighter), the brand will become a luxury car company with sporty heritage, not the pure sports brand that it's always been. It already seems like Porsche is more often compared to luxury automakers like Mercedes (this particular model is compared to the E-Class in the original Auto Bild report) rather than sports marques like Ferrari. Hopefully, Stuttgart adds some balance to keep Porsche Porsche.


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