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Buick Hires Supermodel Marisa Miller For Ad Campaign (Video)

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On: Sat, May 12, 2012 at 11:02AM | By: Chris Weiss

Buick Hires Supermodel Marisa Miller For Ad Campaign (Video)

It looks like Buick is determined to rectify its ambiguous branding in one strong move. It has hired on supermodel Marisa Miller to star in a new ad campaign around its Enclave. Though Kate Upton may be getting all the buzz these days, Miller is still the type of blonde bombshell that delivers instant electricity to anything she appears in.

One of the problems that Buick faces in today's market is that it's a wishy-washy brand without a firm definition. It's a sort of middle-road, semi-luxury brand between Chevy and GM. But even that definition isn't really a definition at all. And in reality, Buick is known more as a brand for the older generation, especially since Oldsmobile (which brought the “old” right in the brand name) was discontinued.

With its current offerings, Buick is clearly looking to step past that stereotype and add some excitement and youth to the Buick name. Its cars are more stylish and technologically advanced than ever, and it's starting to look the part of a not-quite-Caddy-ready option for younger, established buyers.

The new Enclave campaign with Marissa Miller should only help in Buick's move away from the "old person car" stereotype. If I had to guess, I'd say that the former Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model appeals most to the 20 to 45 year-old crowd, which seems about the place that Buick should be advertising. Any older than that and you're looking at people that either don't recognize her or may have a heart attack just from looking at her.

"If you don't know the smart and sexy Enclave, you don't know Buick," Miller quips in the ad. If that's not a line devised as part of a rebranding strategy, I don't know what is.

So far, Buick's refreshed focus seems to be working. A recent Polk Automotive study showed that the average age of its customers is sliding, from 62 to 59. So now it's the "not quite as old person's car." But if it continues with advertising like this, it should keep moving in the right direction.

The commercial will debut on May 14. In the meantime, Buick released a behind-the-scenes interview with Miller and a couple suits that try to convince us that Miller is the "perfect analogy" for the Enclave. Yeah, GM, you might want to reel it in a bit. The Enclave might not be grandpa's Buick, but it's not the automotive version of Marisa Miller, either.


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