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Creed, Phil Collins, And How Listening To Them May Cause You To Wreck Your Car

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On: Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 10:25AM | By: Nick Truden

Creed, Phil Collins, And How Listening To Them May Cause You To Wreck Your Car

Greetings, fellow drivers. First off, my apologies for not being around as often as I should be on this blog. Various circumstances have prevented me from being a regular contributor. But fear not, I will be making myself known more often than before to give you a dose of the entertainment side of driving. I’m talking about that one medium of art that ties us all together regardless of religion, race, or creed. I’m talking about music. Everyone loves listening to music while driving. It passes the time in those long hauls between point A and point B. It also serves as a catalyst for varying types of behavior while driving. I’m talking about this guy…

We’ll come back to him. For now I would like to begin by stating my case for this post. By now you’ve mulled over the title and I’m positive you’re wondering what I have to say about two very popular, albeit very dangerous, artists. The first being the alternative rock/post-grunge band Creed whose existence came to be in Florida’s state capital and college town of Tallahassee. They have three multi-platinum albums under their belt, have toured the world several times over, and have one of the largest fan bases of any rock group that is still writing music. They are also - in my opinion - one of the worst bands in the history of worst bands. Trumped only by Europe. Admit it, “The Final Countdown” is a terrible (and by terrible I mean awesome) song. So terrible that you must always sing it as loud as possible during your drive time commute home from work at five o’clock. But I digress.

Creed broke up back in 2004 and recently regrouped in 2009, much to the chagrin of myself and pretty much all of the company I keep. To avoid being subjected to Creed’s music I very rarely listen to any of the rock stations being broadcasted where I live. I keep my dial tuned to either talk radio or NPR. Avoiding Creed is like putting a seatbelt on for your ears. I feel safer and other drivers should too. Click-it or ticket.

The point of me bringing up Creed (because normally I wouldn’t) is because I recently heard a new song of theirs following a commercial that was played starring Creed’s lead vocalist Scott Stapp explaining to the audience how important music education is. I was driving a short distance to go to the grocery store when I suddenly heard his nails-across-a-chalkboard, I-still-think-it’s-the-90s voice come over my speakers. He was saying something to the effect of how music “feeds his soul” and how he would be “lost without music.” Noble words, but what soul are you talking about Scott? Not yours; you don’t have one, remember? You sold it to make My Own Prison back in 1997. As the commercial ended I thanked the road gods for allowing the commercial to be played while I was parked. If it had not been, well, there’s no telling what could’ve happened. I could’ve just decided that life wasn’t worth living in a world that would allow a band like Creed to exist and inevitably drive my car off of an embankment. And there it is. The reason why some bands just shouldn’t be played on the radio. The reason being they incite road rage. I know I am not alone in this sentiment either. With as many fans as Creed has they have that many (if not more) anti-fans. The general public calls us “haters”. Needless to say I plan on writing the radio station a very strongly worded letter. Creed’s music is dangerous in the wrong person’s hands.

After the Scott Stapp debacle, and after I retrieve my groceries for the evening, I return to my vehicle to head home. I decide to change the station out of fear that I may hear the Stapp commercial one more time. You’re probably wondering by now “Why didn’t he just put on a CD?” To which I retort by saying I had none. I was stuck with the radio for the remainder of my outing.

As I’m scanning through the stations I come across one playing Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”. I’m relieved to have found a decent song being played. There weren’t many other choices, but I will say that they were obviously inferior to the greatness that is Collins. Suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bad. Instinctively I turn the volume up as loud as it will go and put all my windows down. I am suddenly transported into an episode of Miami Vice, minus the Ferrari, of course. The programmed drums during the first half of the song remind me that pretty soon the song will explode into a full on drum roll that makes even Mike Tyson look cool while air drumming to it. And just then, it happens. The drum roll starts playing at the climax and I immediately air drum along to it as well as lose control of my car. Yes, this really happened. I almost caused a collision because I was rocking too hard. Let this be a lesson to myself and others (including the aforementioned air drummer earlier in the post) to never air drum while driving. It is dangerous and someone or something could get hurt. Namely, your pride if you happen to be sitting at a stop light and someone witnesses you going to town on your steering wheel to “Dazed And Confused” before you rear end the car in front of you. John Bonham would’ve been proud, however Officer Smith will be issuing you a citation.

I think you get the picture, and I will sum all of this up by saying that it doesn’t matter what kind of music you play – good or bad – you must always keep your eyes on the road. Jam out to your tunes, but keep your hands on the steering wheel. Curse bad music on the radio, but change the station cautiously while keeping your eyes on the road. No one wants to ride that “Stairway” just yet.



ghostinmarble | 10:48AM (Thu, Apr 15, 2010)

This is why I air-drum on the steering wheel.

I guess that's not exactly air-drumming but it's NTSB-approved.


RoadKill | 5:16PM (Thu, Apr 15, 2010)

Stairway To Heaven.....DENIED!


gator done | 9:41AM (Mon, Apr 19, 2010)

Im not an air drummer. But when Lynyrd Skynyrd tells me to turn it upI just have to do it! There is nothing more relaxing than driving home from work with the radio blaring. It knocks all the work cobwebs out of your brain.
I am a proponent of loud car music but there should be something on your car that senses an emergency vehicle and mutes your radio automatically until the emergency vehicle passes. I dont know about anyone else but even when your radio is off you will hear an emergency vehicle but you dont see it until it is on top of you. So having something in my car that mutes my radio would be a big help!


Pengiknits | 2:35PM (Fri, Nov 19, 2010)

As far as stuff that is played on the radio goes, I think there should be some kind of ban on playing anything that resembles the sound of sirens. I dont know how many songs or commercials I have heard on the radio that sounds like an emergency vehicle.

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