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Nissan Will Actually Sell The Juke R

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On: Fri, May 4, 2012 at 12:46PM | By: Chris Weiss

Nissan Will Actually Sell The Juke R

Remember the 485-hp Juke small crossovers that Nissan execs never wanted developed and swore would never get produced? It's getting produced...on a per-customer basis.

Apparently Nissan has enjoyed the attention that it's been getting for the GT-R-powertrained Juke so much that it's decided to build it. And since there's a big difference between "Check out that awesome 485-hp Juke race Lamborghinis on YouTube!" and "I'd literally pay $600K for a chunky, high-performance super-crossover," Nissan is only building it upon order, ensuring that it won't be staring at a huge warehouse of super-Jukes.

Nissan essentially bowed to pressure from would-be buyers who were inquiring about buying the original Juke R. Apparently there's enough interest that Nissan believes it will have success in a limited, low-risk production run.

Now the question is: Is anyone crazy enough to throw the $590,000 estimated price at a juiced-up Juke? That's about six times the price of the GT-R, which does more with the same powertrain since it's not a bulky nugget. Then again, the GT-R will never be as unique or rare as the built-for-order Juke. But I'd much rather own a limited edition GT-R (or any number of supercars that can be had for much less than $600K) than a suped Juke.

But some people are just that crazy rich. Nissan has already taken its first reservations and expects to begin deliveries by late summer.

On the plus side, the production Juke-R will get upgraded with the 2012 GT-R's 545-hp twin-turbo V6 powertrain (the prototype version used the 485-hp V6 from the 2010 GT-R). It will also use the chassis from the 2012 model.

If you don't recall what the Juke can do on the street, take a refresher with our look at its performance specs. Then ask yourself: How much of a dedicated car budget would you need to ever consider buying a $600K Juke? We're guessing that anyone that buys this already has all kinds of exotic supercars and is looking for something a little different - doesn't seem like the type of car that would be your first half-million-dollar buy.


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