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Savage Rivale Shows Its Unique Convertible System (Video)

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On: Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 5:25PM | By: Chris Weiss

Savage Rivale Shows Its Unique Convertible System (Video)

If you've never heard of Savage Rivale, don't feel bad. Up until a few months ago, we hadn't either. The Netherlands-based startup is in the process of rethinking the supercar with its Roadyacht GTS. Everything about this car makes it unique, including its innovative roof system, which Savage has shown a rendering of in a short, new video.

While the term "supercar" typically refers to a powerful, fast, lightweight two-door coupe, Savage Rivale extends the term to its funky convertible with four wing doors and four seats. While adding the weight of two rear doors and a convertible system would usually prevent a car from performing with other supercars, Savage claims to have weight down below 3,000 lbs., allowing the Roadyacht's 670-hp 6.2-liter Corvette V-8 to provide a 3.4-second to 62 mph time and a 205 mph top speed.

Not only does Savage Rivale think outside the box in terms of what a supercar is, it also thinks outside the box in individual design elements. Instead of a traditional soft-top or retractable hard-top, Savage plans to outfit the Roadyacht with what it calls the Retractable Telescopic Multi-Panel Roof System. Instead of one primary roof panel, the system breaks the roof down into small panels - four in the video. The panels retract by way of a telescoping beam that slides into the trunk area. When putting the roof up, the beam extends the panels upward and outward, creating the rear-sloping roof.

Savage Rivale is working with another Netherlands company - Inalfa Roof Systems - on the telescoping roof and plans to test and fine-tune it over the next year or so. In one of the Roadyacht pictures we've already seen, the car appears to have a glass-paneled roof, so we wouldn't be surprised to see it offer a glass roof as an option (though that middle telescoping beam will take away some of the transparent effect).

It sounds like roof development will delay the car's launch, which we originally heard was planned for this year.


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