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AMP Electric Vehicles Cleared For Federal Tax Credit

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On: Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 11:02AM | By: Chris Weiss

AMP Electric Vehicles Cleared For Federal Tax Credit

Options in the electric car market are pretty slim at the moment. It's basically a matter of small sedans and hatchbacks with limited range or $60,000 + luxury performance cars with decent range. To channel Henry Ford, you have your pick so long as it's small, expensive or both. You don't have the option of a truck, AWD SUV, large car, etc.

While future models like the Tesla Model X and Toyota RAV4 EV will expand your options, third-party electric tuners are another route. One of those tuners that we've covered recently officially got the IRS' blessing, qualifying buyers for the federal green car tax credit.

AMP Electric announced this week that it's been approved for the federal tax credit. Buyers will be able to access up to $7,500 worth of federal money in purchasing one of their tuned EVs. One of AMP's electric SUVs can now be had for as low as $49,900.

If you recognize that $49,900 price, it's because that's the same exact price the base Tesla Model S will cost you after the federal tax credit. So we fibbed a little: AMP doesn't actually allow you to choose an option outside of "expensive or small." However, it does provide the option of owning an electric version of an SUV like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, so it does add a new element to the EV market.

The AMP Jeep Grand Cherokee that we covered back around the holidays has a 37.6 lithium-iron-phosphate battery and two rear-mounted electric motors. The powertrain delivers a range that Amp lists at between 80 and 100 miles. AMP also plans to offer the electric Grand Cherokee in an all-wheel drive version.

In addition to the Grand Cherokee, AMP offers electric versions of other SUVs, including the Mercedes ML.


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