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VW Cross Coupe Blossoms As TDI Plug-In

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On: Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 1:56PM | By: Chris Salamone

VW Cross Coupe Blossoms As TDI Plug-In

Incredibly mouthy verbiage aside, Volkswagen’s Cross Coupe TDI Plug-in Hybrid Concept has some pretty impressive specs. Last December we got a sneak peak during the Tokyo Auto Show, but this second version of the Cross Coupe, set to debut in Geneva, looks even better. And no, we’re not just referring to the vehicle’s snazzy two-tone red paint scheme.

Volkswagen’s latest concept can also boast 302 horsepower, 512 ft.-lb. of torque, and a purported 130 MPGe.

In the Cross Coupe’s second coming, the vehicle is mated to a trio of powerplants. VW’s new 2.0-L TDI engine will provide the backdrop for a set of electric motors which add power to both the front and rear wheels. While the TDI already creates a scintillating 295 lb.-ft. of torque by itself and to the front wheels, 133 lb.-ft. are added to the front axle and 199 to the rear from the Cross Coupe’s electric additions – making a total of 516 ft.-lb. of torque and potential 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds. Yikes!

Volkswagen claims that the Cross Coupe’s maximum electric-only range is about 28 miles, but a fully charged battery and maxed gas tank can keep the vehicle moving for up to 800 miles. To that end, drivers can opt to perform in five different modes: City, Sport, E-mode, Charging, and Off-Road. City is meant for fuel-sipping urban transport, Sport sacrifices fuel on the altar of performance, E-mode exclusively relies on the vehicle’s rear electric motor, Charging takes power from the TDI to boost battery strength, and Off-Road does something a bit wacky.

Andrew Wendler, from Car and Driver, recently discussed the novelty of the Cross Coupe’s Off-Road modality: “That last one requires some explanation, on account of its Goldbergian complexity: To ensure all four wheels are driven, even with a depleted battery, the front electric motor acts [like] an engine-run generator and sends electricity to the rear axle via an arrangement referred to as an electric propshaft.”

Now that we’ve seen VW’s eco-soft roader twice, chances are good for a full production run – especially since this second Cross Coupe has the same exterior design from last year. Perhaps the company is closer to an aesthetic that could shed the concept moniker entirely. Whether or not Volkswagen actually plans to release a diesel Plug-in Hybrid in the good ole’ US of A is another matter. But we’d sure appreciate such a plan…

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dwalter | 4:49PM (Wed, Mar 7, 2012)

cool concept. not really liking the dull exterior though.

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