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Volt Owner Responds Via Gun Rack

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On: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 9:49AM | By: Chris Salamone

Volt Owner Responds Via Gun Rack

Last week, republican candidate Newt Gingrich made an interesting statement. As Mr. Gingrich began to discuss President Obama’s policies, particularly in reference to drilling for America-sourced oil, the conversation became electric…literally.

After positing that the Obama administration was trying to force smaller vehicles and electric cars, like the Chevy Volt, on Americans, Newt attacked the Volt’s practicality through a previously unconsidered character trait. Sure, we’ve discussed the vehicle’s safety, electric range, cost of ownership, and a long list of other debatable Volt features. But never before have we noted the Volt’s ability to carry the lifeblood, nay the font, of American patriotism: guns.

“The President has said, you know, you ought to buy smaller cars,” Gingrich noted. “Now, let me start with a simple premise that most Oklahomans will understand: You cannot put a gun rack in a Volt!” Enough said, or so you would think.

A pioneering chap from Georgia decided to challenge Mr. Gingrich’s theory by physically building a gun rack and mounting it to a Chevy Volt, which he owns. After discussing the merit of Newt’s understanding of economic theory, namely supply and demand, the Volt owner went on to demonstrate exactly how we could add a little bit of our 2nd Amendment freedom to an already eco-friendly lifestyle.

Which, for the first time in a while, actually brings up a significant point about the Volt which neither Newt Gingrich nor this particular driver addressed. A byproduct of the Chevy Volt’s extreme government and public scrutiny was a research and development process unlike anything American automakers have ever attempted before. General Motors literally put the Volt through every imaginable scenario, from super cold weather to bizarre crash tests, and – most importantly – firing live rounds into battery packs to make sure explosions wouldn’t be a common byproduct of American gangsterism.

Now we know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Chevy Volt can both withstand armed battery AND carry the armaments to inflict armed battery. What could be more American than that?



Stephy21 | 5:10PM (Tue, Mar 6, 2012)

Just shows you how people can prove you wrong with the dumbest things.

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