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Major Failure: Maybach Lost $440,000 On Every Model

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On: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:59AM | By: Chris Weiss

Major Failure: Maybach Lost $440,000 On Every Model

The fact that Daimler's ultra-premium Bentley competitor Maybach has been struggling is not a news story. Daimler has barely managed to sell a couple hundred Maybachs a year while Bentley approaches five-figure sales. What is somewhat surprising and newsworthy, though, is just how bad Maybach has been doing. A new report puts some figures to the soon-to-be-defunct brand's struggles.

Based on its own calculations, CAR magazine estimates that Daimler has been losing about 330,000 euros on every model sold. That's about $440,000 by today's rates, which coincidentally, puts the loss figure neatly between the cost of the Maybach 62 ($430,450) and the 62 S ($470,350).

During its seven-year run, Maybach has only managed to push 3,000 models into the hands of consumers. For comparison, that's less than the 3,538 models that Rolls Royce sold just last year and less than half of Bentley's 7,003-model 2011 total.

CAR blames Maybach's failure on a host of factors including poor styling, lack of halo-level technological investment and high prices. It's hard to argue. Maybachs have been an odd experiment in ultra-premium branding. They have stood as not-so-arguably the least attractive of the three main ultra-premium brands and have looked every bit as much cheap Chinese knock-off as legitimate ultra-luxury sedan. Still, Daimler has sold the vehicles for more than its competitors, somehow expecting consumers to ignore Bentley and Rolls Royce's more established reputations and images and spend more money on the newcomer. That clearly didn't happen.

Perhaps more interesting than its analysis of Maybach's failure is CAR's report that Daimler will replace the brand with up to seven top-end Mercedes S-Class models beginning in 2013. We had heard that Daimler had planned a halo S-Class to replace Maybach, but this is the first time we heard of this many models.

In the meantime, the sharks are circling.



Sami18 | 12:21PM (Mon, Feb 13, 2012)

I have never heard of this brand before and if they are selling cars for $430,450 and they look cheap, than no wonder they haven't made any profit. If they would actually have technology that customers want and have a nice looking car that doesn't look cheap this brand shouldn't have any problem selling cars, but i guess they weren't let in on those details.


Stephy21 | 12:36PM (Mon, Feb 13, 2012)

This brand should just go out of businesses cause if they haven't made a profit since they have been in business they defiantly dont need to go make another model that isn't going to sell.

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