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L.L. Bean Bootmobile, Where Rubber Meets Road

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On: Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 12:18PM | By: Chris Salamone

L.L. Bean Bootmobile, Where Rubber Meets Road

As L.L. Bean’s Bootmobile rolled out of the company’s Brunswick factory Tuesday, CEO Chris McCormick asked a jubilant audience of employees, “Isn’t it cool?” To which they responded, "It’s wicked cool.” But the enthusiasm didn’t stop there. Maine Hunting Shoes could be heard from the pitter pattering of feet on almost everyone in attendance.  

From a big picture perspective the Bean Bootmobile is particularly awesome when compared to Oscar Mayer’s aging and vaguely inappropriate Wienermobile. While the Wienermobile conjures images of anything BUT hotdog consumption, the Bootmobile stands as a testament to L.L. Bean’s build quality and iconic heritage. Nothing says ‘buy this boot’ like a 13-foot tall, 21-foot long Maine Hunting Shoe strapped onto the remains of another enduring symbol of quality, the Ford F-250 Super Duty.

Something tells us a Subaru Forester Bootmobile wouldn’t receive the same street cred. Well, at least outside of Maine.

And the best part? The Bootmobile is true to scale, blown up 20.5 times over a traditional pair. The company proudly notes that if this were a real shoe we’d be looking at a size 767 – paired to the approximate height of a 143-foot tall person. The laces which hang loosely on the sides, daring to be tied, are 12-strand braided mooring rope, with a max tow rating of up to 106,000 pounds.

The Bootmobile’s trek will consist of a tour of major US cities over the next year, in recognition of L.L. Bean’s 100 years of inspired bootmaking. Back in the good ole’ days, or 1912, Leon Leonwood Bean returned from a hunting trip with cold, wet feet and decided enough was enough. The original Maine Hunting Shoe was born and people have been wearing them devoutly ever since.

What’s more, the stars of product popularity have aligned coincidentally in time with the Bootmobile’s cross country tour. The company made a record 400,000 pairs last year and posted $1.44 billion in annual sales. It would seem Bean boots are the new Uggs.

If you’re one of the lucky few who, upon seeing the Bootmobile, are reminded of an old and wizened pair somewhere in the depths of your closet, L.L. Bean will happily repair their stalwart product – fixing about 10,000 pairs per year. New soles or laces and patched holes, the company will do their best to make sure your feet stay wicked warm.

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Sami18 | 5:01PM (Fri, Jan 20, 2012)

The boot truck is awesome, i think its great that they decided to celebrate their company's wealth with a boot truck. I like the boot truck a lot better than the Oscar Mayer's wiener truck which is just a little inappropriate. (like the article said)


Stephy21 | 9:47AM (Mon, Jan 23, 2012)

Great video, cant wait to see it on its tour this year.

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