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Video Of The Day: Hot Pink Range Rover Stuck In Hot Desert Sand

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On: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 11:48AM | By: Chris Weiss

Video Of The Day: Hot Pink Range Rover Stuck In Hot Desert Sand

If you drive a pink SUV, it's usually pretty safe to assume you didn't buy it for its mud-romping, rock-climbing off-road prowess. It's also usually safe to assume that you're a lady, live in well-to-do suburb and probably carry a tiny dog around in your purse.

In this case, all assumptions would be wrong. Not only are the drivers of this particular hot pink Range Rover not riding around with a shitzu, but they're dudes. And while we're not sure if they bought the Range Rover specifically for off-roading, they did decide to give it a try in the Arabian desert. Not surpisingly, they didn't do too well.

When I was in high school, my best friend had a pink pickup truck. It was a subtle hue of pink bordering red, but it was pink just the same. He got a good deal on the truck at a car auction so pink wasn't actually his choice.

Eventually he put together the money to paint the truck a respectable red. But that didn't happen before he had an encounter with the police where he had to describe the color of his truck. And when he said "pink," boy did the officers have a good, long laugh at his expense.

I'd imagine the situation would be twice as embarrassing if you had to call for help and tell the tow company (or whoever you can call to drag you out of the desert sand) to look for the giant pink eyesore contrasting against the desert sand. Having a pink Range Rover is embarrassing enough, but getting it stuck in a dune and having to call strangers to help pull it out is the epitome of humiliation.

There were plenty of people to help these poor drivers out, but I'm not sure that made the situation any better. The incident appears to happen at some sort of big off-roading event. There's a sea of other SUVs around, most if not all of which are normal colors like white, silver and black. Then there's the bright pink Range Rover spinning its wheels futilely. You know these guys will be taking flak for years.

Then again, it is the Middle East where flamboyantly painted luxury and sports cars are the norm, so maybe it's not that big a deal. Either way, it sure makes for a funny sight, especially when they get sand sprayed all over them from another (more neutral colored) SUV. Take a look:



Stephy21 | 10:01AM (Mon, Jan 16, 2012)

I just a have one question about this video, Why is it all SUV's? I may have seen like 3 trucks and who in the world would buy a pink Land Rover unless your some chick from Hollywood. On the bright side it did seem like everyone was having a good time, until the pink Land Rover got stuck.lol

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