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Car On Roof, Hoax?

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On: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 2:28PM | By: Chris Salamone

Car On Roof, Hoax?

We’ve all seen stacking Tupperware, cats on dogs, and even a rat on a cat on a dog – almost has a ring to it. But as of 1:30 AM on Wednesday, a new stacking combination has emerged as an incredible feet of cunning. What makes this latest balancing act so breathtaking? Local police, firemen, and possibly even the great David Copperfield cannot logically explain how a Fresno, California car thief managed to land a green Saturn so perfectly on the edge of an apartment complex’s roof.

The current theory, divined by an imaginative group of officials, suspects that the Saturn hit a nearby curb at high speed, launched off a set of small garden rocks, and soared to rooftop glory.

Ralph White, one of the apartment occupants, stated: “We just looked on the roof because we saw stuff falling and stuff smoking. So we looked in there and my cousin was like, ‘It’s a car on the roof.’ And she was like, ‘Go get somebody.’ So I ran to my neighbor’s house and then told her and she called the police.”

Police and fire crews arrived on the scene with a mix of stalwart professionalism and holiday glee. Lt. Anthony Martinez with the Fresno PD noted: “When I was on my way out here, my officers told me that they thought Santa was driving the car. But I realized that was just a joke. I really don’t know how the car got up there.”

Let’s put together some relevant facts for the sake of reason. The speed limit was 30 MPH, which suggests really high speeds might be difficult to attain on a small community road. The apartment received no major interior or structural damage. It also seems insanely improbably that small landscaping rocks would cause a car to receive more than a few feet of lift. Ergo, the current official explanation is a bit difficult to stomach.

Sure the apartment’s lawn shows signs of vehicle-related trauma, but couldn’t that have been caused by a crane or heavy-duty earthmover which carried the car to its final resting place among the canopy? Either way, we’ll take our collective hats off to this magician/car thief – who felt compelled to really sell his act by physically jumping off the roof post-flight and breaking a limb. That’s dedication.

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Stephy21 | 9:22AM (Fri, Jan 6, 2012)

This is hard to believe that this car jumped up their by hitting some rocks. It as probably a joke or some one thought it would be funny too put some ones car on a roof.

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