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Stupid YouTube Tricks

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On: Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 5:07PM | By: Clay Ritchings

Stupid YouTube Tricks

If I had a choice between watching network TV or spending some time on YouTube, I would have to pick the latter hands down. You really can get a glimpse at what people do when they are not busy cooking up meth in their attics or smuggling tropical birds across the border from Mexico. If it's revolutionary inventions you are looking for, you may find them elsewhere, but this post is about the original and awe-inspiring. . . an exhilarating tour of some of the most profound and important creations from everyday people. All these creations are spawned by necessity, which is the mother of invention.

What do you do if your go-cart motor pukes? Cram the biggest motor you can on it and hold on to your hat. That is exactly what Nub Speedman of Frog Suck, Wyoming did and now he spends all his time popping wheelies and flirting with disaster as often as he can, as long as he is not in traction or sporting crutches, another past time of Nub’s.

Now if a standard size go-cart is too small for you and you have a V-8, a beer keg, and a posi-rear just lying around, you can weld it all up into a super-sized go-cart. That’s exactly what ace mechanic Carl Hunkley of Bald Knob, Arkansas did. Anyone else with four teeth and the ambition to create such a stunning display of craftsmanship would have stopped right there and called it a day, but since this go-cart excels at going in straight lines really, really fast, Carl plans on adding a cutting deck to the chassis to help in his landscape business… I asked Carl about the lack of suspension and his only reply was “Huh?” So there you have it, right from the creator himself.

You say that the Smart Car you purchased is too slow? Well how about dropping a Hayabusa engine in it? Bob Dunnage of Buttzville, Pennsylvania did just that and could not be happier. Bob uses his Smart Car to commute to Zig Zag, Oregon where he works for a cigarette paper company and was getting reprimanded for being late every day. “I try to get up on time, but it's like, hard!” said Bob. I asked Bob about his modifications to the car and he could only say that his gas mileage was still better than the old motor, but he says “I have to replace the tires a lot, man.”

Hans Lippershey, of Holland, is often credited with the invention of the telescope, but he almost certainly was not the first person to make “the motorcycle jet ski”. No, that was left for Clem Darling, master inventor from Roll-A-Home Estates, Arkansas. Three inner tubes, an old motorcycle, a little duct tape, and Clem had himself a fancy jet ski. Clem says he uses his motorcycle jet ski for tending his turtle traps, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he needs it to get to his still.

These are examples of the best that can be done with a lot of tools and mechanical creativity. I am only scratching the surface of the awe-inspiring masterpieces that you can find on YouTube, and I intend on posting more as I come across them. There are literally thousands of these magnificent specimens of man's ingenuity up there at your disposal. . . you just have to look.

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imwithcoco | 5:08PM (Tue, Feb 23, 2010)

I want to see the motorcycle jet ski in action!

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