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New Italian Supercar: F&M Mugello

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On: Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 3:16PM | By: Chris Weiss

New Italian Supercar: F&M Mugello

Croatian and Australian supercars may make bolder headlines, but what really gets our blood pumping is Italian supercars--even if they happen to come from lesser known coachbuilders as opposed to the established icon-makers. The all-new F&M Mugello reminds us just why the term 'Italian supercar' makes every hair on our arms and necks stand on end.

Italians just have a knack for style. We're not sure why no one else can touch them, but we've come to accept it. Ferraris and Lamborghinis may no longer be the elite of the elite in performance, but they definitely look better than the 1,000-hp supercars that have passed them by.

And here we have a supercar built by a coachbuilder that we're not even all that familiar with. And it too looks better than the likes of the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Agera--in our humble opinion, of course.

What the Mugello has that those cars don't is an attractive, well-proportioned shape (despite a mid-engined layout); sexy, curvy front-end, and features that are both distinctive and attractive. As to the last point, we're thinking of the small but noticeable grille, the hockey-stick LEDs and the center-flowing lines in the rear.

Outside of the leaked photos, there are no real details on the car. Of course, it almost doesn't matter--you could throw a three-cylinder engine into this thing and we'd still like it.

This isn't Faralli & Mazzanti's first build. Past cars include the Vulca V12 and Antas V8 GT. The cars have shown a clear progression, with the odd duck Antas giving way to a more attractive but somewhat dull Vulca, eventually leading to the powerful but refined look of the Mugello. The grille and curves of the Mugello are clearly influenced by the Vulca, but features like the new headlights, front fascia and roof inlet bring its look from "sports coupe" to "super coupe".

According to World Car Fans, the car will launch early next year with a production of five models planned. More details soon...

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Stephy21 | 10:30AM (Wed, Dec 14, 2011)

Very cool looking car, and the one thing i like about it it's different than other super cars.

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