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Toy Car Hits 60 MPH Faster Than Bugatti Veyron

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On: Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 11:00AM | By: Chris Weiss

Toy Car Hits 60 MPH Faster Than Bugatti Veyron

Looking for a unique gift for that special car lover in your life? You probably can't afford to buy him a car that hits 60 mph in under three seconds, but maybe you can get him a toy car that boasts those credentials. While the Traxxas XO-1 is still an expensive gift, it's gotta be the cheapest way to get to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds.

We'd have to call the X0-1 the first 'RC supercar' that we've ever seen. It beats nearly every actual car on the planet to 60 mph, getting there in just 2.3 seconds. For comparison, the Bugatti Veyron hits 60 mph in about 2.5 seconds. So you get a radio controlled car that's quicker than the quickest production car on the planet. Not a bad start.

While the X0-1 doesn't come close to the Veyron Super Sport's world-record 268 mph top speed, it does offer a pretty impressive 100 mph of its own. And it hits that 100 mph in under five seconds. That's pretty damn fast for a tiny car that shoots around your driveway.

The radio controlled car uses an all new Traxxas Big Block Brushless Motor, a 2.4 GHz radio system with dock and lithium polymer batteries with a newly developed "extreme speed control system" from Castle Creations. The dock works in conjunction with a Traxxas smartphone app that lets you customize the radio control system. The app also sends real time information like speed, RPM and battery voltage to your phone.

I'll save the casual reader all the geeky specs and details, but if you're interested, you'll find them all here.

The Traxxas X0-1 is no child's play: It costs a rather staggering $1,100, and Traxxas has a disclaimer saying that it's not a toy and for experts only. What an expert is in this case, I have no idea.

In the worst market launch I've seen this year, the car will be available on December 30--just in time to completely miss Christmas, the only time I could actually imagine someone considering buying a $1,100 RC car. If you're car lover is patient, though, it could be a late gift.

The rest of us can enjoy it in the video clip below.



Stephy21 | 9:48AM (Thu, Dec 15, 2011)

Very impressive video, but i think they might have took this remote controlled car a little to serious. But i guess if you like cars that much than you'll love this one. I cant image any one paying a $1000 bucks for this car.

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