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Midas Touch: $5 Million Lamborghini Aventador Has Gold And Diamonds But No Engine

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On: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 3:38PM | By: Chris Weiss

Midas Touch: $5 Million Lamborghini Aventador Has Gold And Diamonds But No Engine

The first year of the Lamborghini Aventador may have sold out, but buyers will soon have their chance to secure an Aventador at auction. This Aventador comes with a couple of major caveats, though. It trades the 690-hp V-12 engine in for a whole heap of precious metals and stones and is expected to cost anywhere from double to 12 times the Aventador's base price.

You see, this Aventador isn't really an Aventador at all, but an ultra-premium, finely detailed 1/8-scale model. Built by German artist Robert Gülpen, the Aventador LP700-4 is crafted entirely from expensive materials, including gold, carbon fiber and diamonds. Specific components on the mini-Aventador include gold suspension, gold-plated carbon fiber body panels, platinum wheels and seats accented with 700 diamonds...each.

Like any good exclusive car, the buyer will be able to have some input as far as customization options.

That's a whole lotta bling, and the model will make the actual Aventador look kinda' cheap. Gülpen plans to auction it off and early estimates have it fetching as much as $4.7 million. I can't quite understand why anyone would spend more than 10 times the price of a supercar for a model, but I guess it's no more outlandish than a lot of overpriced, gold/diamond-covered indulgences.

In the past, Gülpen has built gold models of other cars including the Bugatti Veyron. He chose the Aventador LP700-4 as his latest project because it's a new model with uncompromising design.

The model will be auctioned off this month in the world financial capital known as New York City. Gülpen's goal is to earn at least € 500,000 ($670,000) profit to spread a little holiday cheer at an unspecified charity. The model cost approximately € 2.5 million ($3.35 million) in raw materials and is expected to fetch around € 3.5 million ($4.7 million).

Another goal is to earn a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most expensive car model ever sold.

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Stephy21 | 9:25AM (Tue, Dec 13, 2011)

People are crazy for paying this much for a car model. But i guess if you have the money to spend than go for it.

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