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Tableau Of Costly Destruction, Exotics Pileup Sunday

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On: Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 12:01PM | By: Chris Salamone

Tableau Of Costly Destruction, Exotics Pileup Sunday

Sunday, in the southwestern region of Japan, 14 cars seemingly fell victim to sloppy road conditions on a 400 meter-long curve. What makes this pileup different than every other? At least eight Ferraris and one Lamborghini were found amidst the wreckage – in what could be the highest number of vehicles to cost ratio in history (14:$4,000,000).

To make matters more interesting, this particular group of exotics was traveling together in an amateur sports car aficionado group from Japan’s southern island of Kyushu to Hiroshima. While local authorities suggest this was not a case of “The Fast and the Furious,” the investigation remains open.

Referring to initial interviews, officials instead believe that this type of vehicle damage, personal injuries, and environmental evidence suggests a simple case of wet road conditions mixed with a tricky high-speed expressway turn. Investigation details indicate that the group’s lead car, driven by a 60-year-old male, lost traction and smashed into a guard rail.

What happened next can only be guessed at, but we can all imagine how an organized series of high-powered RWD sports cars might quickly descend into chaos. While some exotics escaped the carnage, cars behind the group quickly added to the pileup.

Although officials remain confident that the drivers were not engaged in reckless or negligent driving, as indicated by tire patterns on the road, fellow car enthusiasts may have a few reasons to remain skeptical. First, the purpose of exotic sports car clubs is to engage in recklessness with people who can relate. Second, 9 of 20 club vehicles crashed – marking an awfully suspicious coincidence. If all group drivers were keeping safe distances prior to the accident, and not engaging in generally aggressive driving, it seems likely more of the drivers might have escaped. And finally, Yamaguchi prefecture’s highway officers declined to indicate how fast these vehicles were traveling. Hmmmm….

Questions aside, Sunday’s accident marks a dark day in the history of autos, a day which will no doubt live on in infamy. For those of us without Ferraris or Lamborghinis, sitting on our collective high horse of security, we aren’t safe either. Another two Mercedes Benz cars and three unlabeled, less important vehicles were involved in the incident. Remember, remember the fourth of December?



Stephy21 | 9:26AM (Wed, Dec 7, 2011)

WOW men and their sports cars.

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