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An Open Letter To Lexus

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On: Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 11:07AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

An Open Letter To Lexus

In regards to its “December to Remember” sales event marketing campaign, Lexus needs to just stop. Seriously. These commercials are extremely destructive to the fabric of the true holiday season, and beyond that, extremely destructive to relationships everywhere. Don't believe me? Think it over. First and foremost, when wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends see men and women surprising each other with a new ES or GS sedan, there is literally nothing any of us who have gotten "normal" gifts can do to compare. Aside from giving our significant others a new house or maybe a puppy, anything else will just look paltry compared to the jackass on TV who heard the December to Remember theme on his new phone (which by the way is a pretty good gift in and of itself), and then went outside to see a red bow on top of his brand new Lexus. So the first problem is just the enormity of the gift embarrasses the rest of us.

The second issue this writer has with this annual annoyance to forget is the fact that the logistics just don't make sense. Essentially Lexus is advocating that you buy your new Lexus cash-money, which in this economy is no problem at all, right? Think about it -- to get the advertised level of excitement Lexus shows all those lucky men and women displaying, the recipient would have to have no idea that the gift was coming. So, if a husband wants to pick up a new LS460 for his wife, he would have to go to the dealer and then what, add another lease payment on top of his own presumably hefty lease payment? Probably not. But then, if he goes and signs his wife up for a new car, it sure would be fun to see those “December to Remember” commercials run another five or ten seconds right up to the part where the husband informs his wife she is now responsible for a $600 lease payment every month for the next 39 months, yeah, Merry Christmas dear! So in order to avoid that catastrophe, that same man would have to pony up the asking price all at once in order to get the same no-strings-attached excitement they show us all on TV.

But again, with cars starting at around 30 grand for cars like the CT Hybrid and IS250, then going up to $112,000 for the LS Hybrid, Lexus sure is limiting their target audience to people who have a considerable amount of disposable income around holiday time. The kicker there is that even if the uber-rich happen to be watching, Lexus still does not carry cache of some other luxury name brands which could result in that rich guy not wanting to "waste" his money on something that isn't the absolute best there is available.

The moral of the story here is that Lexus really needs to stop with this silly ad campaign. Those that could afford to have their life imitate advertising probably won't -- at least not with a Lexus. As for the rest of us, the “December to Remember” sales event only serves at best to help us remember just how far we might be from our financial goals, and at worst, does nothing more than mock our carefully and budgeted for items. So please Lexus, come next year, let's try and forget the ridiculous sales pitches, and remember the reality (and economic climate) of the world at hand. Thanks.

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Joe | 5:16PM (Tue, Nov 29, 2011)

Thank you for this! Those commercials are so obnoxious I can hardly stand it. Hard to believe they've survived for years in such a poor economy.


Stephy21 | 9:13AM (Wed, Nov 30, 2011)

I totally agree with this article the Lexus to Remember event is very misleading some people just cant afford a brand new Lexus around the holidays.


dwalter | 4:18PM (Thu, Dec 1, 2011)


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