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Vehicle Crashes Through Showroom Before Toyota Can Address Sticky Situation

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On: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:46PM | By: Clay Ritchings

Vehicle Crashes Through Showroom Before Toyota Can Address Sticky Situation

Drivers go a week with fear about the safety of their cars, Toyota dealers forced to stop selling their most popular models, Tundra crashes into showroom and Toyota’s president apologizes for screw-up

Toyota will begin distributing the parts necessary for the fix, but not before a Baton Rouge man's Toyota Tundra crashed into the showroom. The customer tried to return his truck following a recent recall on the accelerator. According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the general manager offered to fix the truck and repeatedly offered to give the customer a loaner in the meantime, but the customer declined and left the building. The man then drove his Toyota into the side of the dealership, causing major damage to the truck and the building. The customer claimed his accelerator became stuck, causing the crash (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). The accelerator was not stuck when the police examined the truck after the crash, but they could not find any evidence that the crash was intentional. The driver was not ticketed.

According to Toyota, the odds that a vehicle exhibits unintended acceleration are very low. Consumer Reports found that claims were around 1 in 20,000. What are the odds that his truck has this problem immediately following a confrontation with the dealership?
Most likely the guy could not afford the payments anymore and was looking for a way out… Now this may secretly please the inner vigilante in you, but this hothead still has his truck, truck payment, and the inevitable insurance rate hikes that will probably drive him over the edge yet again. . . I hope he does not have any automatic weapons handy. . . .

This, on a smaller scale, reminds me of a customer I came across while working in sales for The Auto Shopper Magazine in New Jersey; apparently this guy bought a truck from a dealer and was not happy with it. I used to stop at this Toyota dealer every Friday to get their ad and every Friday this guy would drive by really slow with a big sign in the bed stating, “I bought This Lemon At ******* Toyota!” all the time blowing his horn repeatedly. Week after week I would see this guy going by the dealership exercising his right to free speech or displaying his over-abundance of free time…

In the midst of Toyota’s largest recall in history and the bad press that goes with it we are now seeing the start of the inevitable lawsuits. Many lawsuits are justified, but the bottom feeders will come out and play all too soon. Unfortunately, this is one of the ripple effects and people will blame Toyota for their accidents.

Has anyone thought of the speeding excuse? “I’m sorry I was driving 95, officer, but my accelerator stuck!” or “I tried to stop at the red light but my accelerator got stuck.” Keep your eyes on the newspapers; there are bound to be wackier stories popping up.

Toyota’s exalted ruler said, ”I know that we have let you down”. . . here everything is all-better!

What should you do if your pedal gets stuck?
Get your grove on with this video, it's fun and educational!



imwithcoco | 2:47PM (Tue, Feb 2, 2010)

I can smell the lawsuits a mile away. I wonder how this recall will affect sales. It may be a great time to buy a Toyota.


RoadKill | 4:15PM (Thu, Feb 4, 2010)

I expected the lawsuits but never ever expected a bad rap song...great job!

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