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Wheeler Dealers To [Finally] Fix American Muscle

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On: Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 8:59AM | By: Chris Salamone

Wheeler Dealers To [Finally] Fix American Muscle

Like any good Discovery TV fan, the announcement of a Wheeler Dealers series focusing on the good ole’ USA was an exciting prospect back in September. However, since the season started in early October not a single Wheeler Dealers episode has featured a US vehicle, nor taken place off the British mainland. But that’s all about to change.

On Tuesday at 9pm, the Wheeler Dealers will take on a vehicle so potent, so grotesquely American, and so firmly routed to US cultural identity that spectators may just feel like the previous five episodes where nothing more than an accidental blip in an otherwise red, white, and blue season. What vehicle could have such a mind changing reaction, you ask? Nothing less than a desert-preserved classic 1969 Dodge Charger.

Co-host Mike Brewer flies all the way to small town Texas to pluck a Charger-in-need out of its proper homeland and ship his newly-acquired American muscle back to England for a cheeky Wheeler Dealer turnaround.

At the moment, the only official video covering Wheeler Dealers Episode 6 is a sneak peak clip put together by Discovery TV. However, the full episode can be found by any diligent fans with access to YouTube. Just to preserve the integrity of the episode’s US premier, scheduled for Tuesday, we’ll try to keep ‘spoiler alerts’ to a minimum.

After a shrewd negotiation, the Charger will end up costing the Wheeler Dealers team $23,000 USD – more money than any car previously bought on the show. Whether or not UK buyers have the same muscle car enthusiasm found in the US will have to be a question for Tuesday night. But, either way, the black beauty they picked up should be an excellent model for resale across the pond. The 1969 Charger is widely accepted as one of the most popular model years, especially factoring in that testosterone-pumping pistol grip shifter.

As noted in Discovery’s sneak peak, the Wheeler Dealers’ Dodge will be in need of immediate repair. No amount of throaty engine or symbolic sexual prowess could make up for the long list of issues their latest project car carries. Will Mike have the savvy to negotiate and will Edd have the mechanical-genius to repair an unfamiliar American icon? Those who wait will find answers Tuesday night and for weeks to come, as Wheeler Dealers USA takes on a DeLorean, Chevy Step Side Pick Up and 1957.

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Stephy21 | 10:15AM (Mon, Nov 21, 2011)

really cool show i like it and cant wait to see this episode.


Wellrounded 48 | 11:54PM (Tue, Dec 27, 2011)

Now that I'v seen them, All the american shows were extremely dissapointing until the Bel Air show. More lile that one, in the future. Actually its time to move the whole show to the states.

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