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360-Degree Panorama of 462 Miles Per Hour

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On: Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 10:52AM | By: Chris Weiss

360-Degree Panorama of 462 Miles Per Hour

The world's fastest combustion engine-powered vehicle recently took to the hard salt in Bonneville, Utah. It brought a few cameras along to show viewers what it's like to screech along at nearly 500 mph.

Many drivers know what it feels like to drive a car to around 100 mph. A considerably smaller pool has had the opportunity to step inside a supercar or race car on a track, maybe even push 200 mph.

When you consider the men that have ever taken it beyond the 200-mph range toward 300, 400, 500..., the number shrinks to a tiny percentage of humanity who make their living building and racing cars. Unless you happen to be part of a land speed record team, you're never actually going to get to hurl yourself at 400 or 500 mph across a hard, salty desert floor.

That doesn't mean you can't experience what it's like, though. The team behind the Speed Demon streamliner have been compiling and releasing video footage of their Bonneville escapades, and the latest is the most comprehensive yet. Uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, the video shows 462-mph action from every angle you could possibly want.

Plant yourself on the rear of the streamliner as it turns the pickup truck behind it into a tiny, insignificant dot; look through the windscreen and down the flank of the vehicle as cracked desert rolls violently by; and peep on the driver to see how he holds up under such extreme speed. You get 462 mph and 360 degrees of action all rolled into an exhilarating two minutes.

Those familiar with land speed record racing may think that 462 mph isn't all that fast. That's partly correct; the absolute land speed record is almost exactly 300 mph higher. But unlike the jet-powered streamliners that reside at those upper echelons, the Speed Demon is powered by a combustion engine. It pulls 1,500 horses from a 3.5-liter "Hellfire" engine with two Precision turbochargers.

The team has been tinkering with the streamliner and engine for years and hopes to eventually break 500 mph.

After watching, remind yourself that the latest streamliners are being built to go two and nearly three times that fast. Scary.



Stephy21 | 9:43AM (Wed, Nov 23, 2011)

Wow that sure is fast 462 MPG, but who would really want to go that fast its a pretty scary thing to think about.

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