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New Holistic Racer Training Site SAFE Is Fast Is Serious, Star-Packed And FREE!

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On: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 10:11AM | By: Andrew W Davis

New Holistic Racer Training Site SAFE Is Fast Is Serious, Star-Packed And FREE!

Now I was a high-performance-driving natural, earning seven straight Big Wheel Racing Championships in my neighborhood (and/or mind) before I turned pro at 11. Since then I’ve moved up the ranks to professional “production car test driver that sometimes does so on race tracks,” which—though short on trophies—is big on, well… seat-time, I suppose.

It took a long time—and many expensive driver training courses I mostly didn’t have to pay for—to get to my level of awesomeness. But let’s say you don’t have the “connections” it takes to bill someone else for your driver training, let alone the scratch it takes to pay your way into them the way you’re supposed to.

If only someone could package the combined knowledge of nearly every professional in auto racing—including drivers, team owners, car builders, receptionists, and anyone else nearby—regarding nearly every aspect of racing, into video clips that could be found at one slick website….

Now I know of such a site, but I’m not going to just give that info away for free like they do with everything at SAFEisfast.com. After all, if you don’t EARN knowledge it just cheapens it. Or something like that. [Send me money!]

Well, before you go and dismiss SAFE Is Fast as yet another thrown-together site—SAFE stands for “skilled, assured, fit and empowered”, BTW—stocked with moderately-professional “going faster” tip clips that ignore the 90 percent of what it takes to race in favor of the 10 percent that looks cool through a dash cam, take a look at the fine craftsmanship that went into this sentence and realize that I wouldn’t have put this kind of time and effort into it if it was ultimately about something that was, in a word, lame.

No, when SAFE Is Fast offers to help you “Race Like a Pro,” they don’t stop at “Advanced Driving Techniques.” In fact, they offer educational videos about every aspect of professional racing, including “Driver Protection”, “Fitness”, “Mental Skills”, “Race Car Systems and Dynamics”, “Career Development” and—most importantly—“Marketing and Sponsorship”.

Now that’s good, but this is better: SAFE Is Fast destroys the notion that “those who can’t, teach.” Hosted by Bobby Rahal—a name that should need no introduction, and if it does, racin’ ain’t for you—and presented by The Road Racing Drivers Club—a “60 year-old by-invitation organization made up of racing champions, major race winners and industry luminaries”—and the folks that put on the world’s top-level races (including Formula 1!), the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile Institute—a name that should be shortened to “FIA Institute” (and will be from now on)—this program has been created by some of the very organizations and people who make modern racing possible today.

Want to know what teams look for in a driver? Who better to ask than Roger Penske? Want to know how to transition from go karts to actual cars? I’ll bet three-time-consecutive IndyCar Champ and multiple-Indy 500-winner Dario Franchitti knows a thing or two! Want to know the secret to proper fitness and conditioning? Ask... THAT GUY! The one in the video! He looks smart!

So if you want to jump-start your budding race-driving career but lack the funds—and crazy—it would take to buttonhole all the experts featured on this site and beat the info out of them one brutal pounding at a time, SAFE Is Fast has been tailor-made just for you.

And it’ll just keep getting better. As it says in their intro email to new members:

“Safeisfast.com is not a static web site, but one that will continue to offer fresh driver tutorials about every two weeks. As a member, you will be notified each time something new is added. Every video will feature the insights of major drivers, team managers, race engineers and/or industry experts. Some will be technical, others philosophical, but all will focus on an important subject. View, listen and learn, and watch how your finishes get stronger.”

I would’ve loved this site if it appeared 15 years ago—back when “Career Development” and “Fitness” were possibilities—but even I learned a thing or three (hundred) from the site.

So send me a check for $19.95 and I’ll send you my brochure FILLED with all the things that you need to know to find and enjoy this site. What would this education cost you in the “real world”? Many, MANY thousands, assuming you could find (and beat-up) all those “champions” and “luminaries”!

Hurry, as my brochures are going almost as fast as YOU’LL be once you access this treasure-trove of creamy racing goodness! Send your money to….



Stephy21 | 9:48AM (Fri, Nov 18, 2011)

Great article

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