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Top 5 Roads To Wander

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On: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 3:20PM | By: Chris Salamone

Top 5 Roads To Wander

The 'road' is something of a paradox. We use roads to run our errands, conduct business, and to take the occasional trip. But, not all who travel by road seek any specific destination. For some the simple act of driving is, in itself, the only destination they need. Therein lies the rub—are roads meant for arriving or are they meant for driving? Like all semantic challenges, the answer will invariably be a mix of all available options. In the spirit of all-inclusiveness, hopefully these Top 5 roads to wander meet both criteria: usefulness and venerable adventuring.

1. Atlantic Road – Norway

Chosen as a ‘construction project of the century’, Norway’s Atlantic Road is not only beautiful but an engineering masterpiece. Although fairly short, spanning between the towns of Kristiansund and Molde, the Atlantic Road provides some of Norway’s most scenic vistas and demonstrates the charm of the country’s coastal communities. Apparently even Motor Trend picked up the scent.

2. Pacific Coast Highway – California, US

Ok, so you’ve already heard about the PCH. Well, it still remains one of the most scenic and fun-to-drive roads on planet Earth. Ranging from Orange County all the way to the far reaches of NorCal, the Pacific Coast Highway is an abundant source for photo opportunities, tortuous navigating, and day hikes. It goes without saying that really only one type of vehicle is appropriate for the Pacific Coast Highway, the vintage sport coupe convertible.

3. Trans-African Highway – Africa

The Trans-African is a monstrously long series of roads which connect the continent from tip to tip, and everything in-between. A Land Cruiser or Defender equipped with snorkel, roof tent, spare gas tank, and locking rear differential is suggested. Environments range from the continent's biggest cities to sheer, untamed wilderness.

4. Highway 1 – Australia

Yet another road picked up by Motor Trend, Highway 1 is famous for attempting to tame the Outback by linking the total circumference of Australia and for throwing in some weather-dependent roads crossing the country’s interior. If Aussie humor floats your boat, rent one of those quirky Wicked camper vans with provocative sayings painted on the outside like “Save a whale, harpoon a Jap.”

5. Pan-American Highway – Alaska to Chile

Folks who give the Pan-American a try often forget to mention that they skipped Alaska, or Canada, or that nasty spot in South America where they opted for a ferry. Just to be clear, we’re talking about a nearly 30,000 mile road. Plan for incredible culture swings, diverse climates, and the largest cup holders you can find.

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Stephy21 | 10:29AM (Tue, Nov 15, 2011)

It would be wonderful to travel all these roads and see the beauty they have to offer.

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