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Bonhams To Offer A Four-Pack Of "Kustomizer" Rick Dore's Finest At Petersen Sale

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On: Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 10:57AM | By: Andrew W Davis

Bonhams To Offer A Four-Pack Of "Kustomizer" Rick Dore's Finest At Petersen Sale

Though he may not have as famous a name as Foose, Coddington or Barris, Rick Dore nonetheless has turned out some of the finest customized vehicles extant, all of which can stand up to comparison with just about anything those “big name” designers have done.

Says Terry Cook, a former editor at Hot Rod magazine: "Rick Dore creations are unquestionably the very best in the world. He has the ability to build cars and trucks that, on one hand, represent the epitome of traditionally flavored custom cars, but at the same time he reaches out and goes where nobody has gone before."

Bonhams has brought four of Dore’s “Kreations” to its “Classic California: Collectors’ Motorcycles, Motorcars and Related Memorabilia” sale, each from the same mysterious “prominent Texas collector" as the Minority Report  “Lexus 2054” and many other vehicles at their Nov. 12th sale at the Petersen Museum in L.A.

His (or her) loss can be your gain, however, as even the tippy-top of each auction estimate figure is a fraction of what that vehicle cost to build. So if you’re looking for a Kwartet of Kustom Kars—OK, three Kars and one Chopper—register to bid RIGHT NOW….

[All cars listed in the order of Bonhams’ lot numbers, and all non-italicized parts of the summaries that follow are copied from the auction house’s catalog or website.]

Lot 335: "1934 Ford Model 40 Custom Roadster Hotrod 'Flashback'" [est. $75k - $125k]

“Rick Dore's Art Deco-influenced 1934 Ford Roadster is the perfect example of his gifted sensibility for design. In a world where 1934 Ford street rods are commonplace, Rick's approach stands out, winning top honors at the 2004 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, including Best of Show and the Ford Heritage Award, among many others. Starting with a Stage 3 TCI chassis, Rick then used a billet Air Ride Technologies ShockWave to allow the Ford nine-inch rear to be raised and lowered four inches to achieve that special stance. The front uses a TCI dropped axle with disc brakes and the entire undercarriage has been chrome plated. The motor is a new aluminum-head 345-horsepower Ford Racing 302 crate motor hooked to a new Ford C-4 automatic. The chromed, one-off DuVall-styled windshield frame, designed by Dore, was chopped one inch with the A-pillars angled parallel to one another. Out back, the rear pan was extended 13 inches, and 1936 Ford rear fenders with flush-mounted fender skirts were fabricated from scratch. The interior's been upholstered in white Italian Mother of Pearl vinyl. The dash uses a gauge surround designed by Motorhead Jewelry and encapsulates a pair of Classic Instruments backed by a Gibson guitar Mother of Pearl insert. The cherry on the cake is the matching Chopper motorcycle, offered separately in this auction. As part of a prominent Texas collection, this 1934 Ford will allow you to ‘Deuce’ it out with any hot rod and come out a winner.”

If you visit Rick Dore’s own website you’ll see this car on the cover of an issue of Street Rodder magazine, though the month and year are too small to read. You’ll also see a group of photos that are much more flattering of this design than Bonhams’. Still, in any pic you can see that this minty-pearlescent creation is slammed to the ground with bodywork that looks more like draped satin than sculpted sheet metal. Like the rest of the offerings here this car is very late-1990s, with monochrome pastel paint, minimalist trim and smoothed-over (and -into) everything. Not my thing, but if you’re looking for a rod like this that couldcome with a matching motorcycle, well….

Lot 336: "2005 Rick Dore Kustoms Chopper" [est. $15k - $20k NO RESERVE]

“The chopper on offer here was the first motorcycle to leave the Rick Dore Kustoms shop. It was built as the two-wheeled bookend to Dore's amazing, award-winning 1934 Ford Roadster ‘Flashback’ and is finished in the same stunning pastel shade of Caribbean Lime paint. Power is provided by a RevTech 110-cubic-inch (1800cc) V-twin engine working through a Baker six-speed gearbox. It's housed in a Paul Yaffe Softail frame that delivers several inches of spine-friendly rear suspension. Wheels are a one-off design by Colorado Custom, carved from billet then chrome-plated. Here's a chance to own one of the best at a fraction of its original build cost.”

All “choppers” look pretty much the same to me, and apart from it “coming with” a matching car, this one—to my eyes at least—has nothing much to offer. The tiny fraction of my attention that I can devote to motorcycles is all about “crotch-rockets” and the like, not rumpa-rumpa fat-tired Hogs. And don’t ask me why this isn’t in the same lot as the matching car, as without it this bike’s color choice must make little sense, even to die-hard motorcyclists.

Lot 339: "1968 Oldsmobile Toronado 'Stilleto'” [est. $35k - $45k NO RESERVE]

“Rick Dore chopped the top three inches, fashioned a custom front grille, fenders, and rear end, shaved the doors, and reworked the rear bumper with LED taillights. With unadorned body and pearlescent orange paint, it harkens back to the 1960s show circuit but with a modern twist. Other modern touches adorn the interior, with full-length console and high-fidelity stereo system. Part of a prominent Texas collection, this Olds is for your wild side when a Bel Air won't do.”

What to say, what to say… Well, it’s yellow. And it pretty much looks like a ’68 Toronado, apart from the lowered roofline and “disappeared” trim. But here again is the not-so-nifty 1990s-style of customizing in full-effect, in all its orange sherbet-y glory. The interior is a lost cause, but I can see making something of this car by repainting it an adult color—black or possibly a dark sapphire blue—and swapping those idiotic chrome wheels out for something less ridiculous. Fortunately for the new owner the auction estimates are low enough to let you redo this Olds—in triple black or the like, please—without being completely underwater financially should you decide to pass it on to someone else. Remember: Nobody likes their cars to look like the inside of a soft-boiled egg. Nobody.

Lot 341: "1936 Ford Model 68 Custom Roadster 'Razmataz'” [est. $250k - $350k]

“A prominent Texas collector commissioned Rick Dore to build something that would ‘raise the bar for oohs and aahs.’ Based on a Jimmy Smith illustration, Rick started with a '36 Ford roadster and placed the body on a modified chassis supplied by Total Cost Involved Engineering. The suspension was then altered to allow Air Ride Technologies air bags at all four corners. Art Himsl coated the body over and over with his concoction of custom-made candy apple red PPG paint. Contra Costa Vinyl refinished the seats in a "sano" pearl white leather, using the same material for the Carson-style top. With Chrome Tru-Spoke wire wheels and Coker wide white walls installed, the Ford made its debut at SEMA '07…and now it can debut in your garage.”

Have you ever seen “Candy Apple Red” paint? Sorry, but you haven’t. THIS car, in all its eyeball-straining glory, defines what it means to be Candy Apple Red (and not in a good way). The “concoction of custom-made candy apple red PPG paint” used on this car strikes me—literally—as an example of a painter saying, “Are you SURE this is what you want?” and an owner saying, “Yep, the redder the better” and—against his better artistic sensibilities—that painter succumbing to using a color so distracting that it negates everything the car’s fabricator worked so hard to create. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a test: close your eyes and tell me five things about this car’s customization, NOT including its paint. How’d you do? Provided that you didn’t do some “fabrication” of your own, probably not well. Of course you could LOVE this color, and to you I’m quite the paint Philistine. Well, prove it with your wallet. At this price you’re definitely making a statement, though consider your audience carefully before you start making it….

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Stephy21 | 9:26AM (Thu, Nov 10, 2011)

WOW these cars and motorcycles look awesome this guy really knows what he is doing.

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