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Chevy Keeps 'Running Deep'

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On: Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 10:21AM | By: Chris Weiss

Chevy Keeps 'Running Deep'

About a year ago, Chevy launched the "Chevy Runs Deep" marketing campaign. The campaign immediately became the fodder of punch lines and cheeky headlines. Shortly after it was unveiled, Jalopnik's Justin Hyde called it the "worst ad slogan ever" and even made the obvious "that's what she said" joke.

Sexual double entendre aside, Hyde criticized that "runs deep" is cryptic and really doesn't convey anything about the brand, unlike equally simple but more telling past slogans like "Like a Rock" and "Heartbeat of America". Others said that the slogan was just a transparent attempt to get consumers reminiscent about the good ol' days of American automotive heritage—you know the ones when you were actually proud to buy a Chevy. "Deep" also seemed like an odd choice for a corporation that was "in deep" not two years earlier.

Despite these less than flattering comments, Chevy is sticking with the tagline for the foreseeable future.

Not only did pundits not care for the slogan, but Bloomberg reported in late August that it wasn't resonating with consumers either, citing the failure of some ads to really explain what the line means (partly because it doesn't really mean a whole lot of anything). The report said the campaign hadn't boosted dealership traffic.

GM recently held a Chevy creative agency review, causing some to believe that it would most certainly axe the "Chevy Runs Deep" campaign (and the agency responsible for it). Not so, says GM, the tagline isn't even a part of the review.

GM spokesman Tom Henderson responded to an inquiry by Advertising Age, stating: "Chevy Runs Deep' isn't under review. We're satisfied with the campaign, and do not anticipate changes."

The review looks more like a house cleaning to reduce the number of ad agencies, streamline Chevy's advertising efforts, and cut costs. So it looks like we're stuck with "Chevy Runs Deep" for a while. Actually, I guess it's really GM that's stuck with it.

GM stubbornly sticking to what it's most used to? Sounds familiar.



Stephy21 | 9:17AM (Wed, Nov 2, 2011)

I think that the slogan is a little cheesy i think they could have worded it a little different. I liked all the other slogans they had but this one is just a little to cheesy for my liking.

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