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Chevy Sonic Goes Airborn And Breaks New Ground

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On: Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 2:31PM | By: Chris Weiss

Chevy Sonic Goes Airborn And Breaks New Ground

The Chevy Sonic is a tiny hatchback that starts around $14,650. Given its inexpensive, all-American, small-car appeal, there's a good chance that we'll be seeing plenty of these on roadways. But not before we see a few of them in the air.

In an ad campaign that it calls "Let's Do This", Chevy has been tossing the Sonic out of planes, launching it off cranes, and putting it at the forefront of other off-the-wall firsts.

I first saw a headline about Chevy sending the Sonic on a skydiving mission, and thought: 'Eh. Publicity stunt, whatever.' But then I came across another story about the Sonic bungee jumping and realized we have more than just a single publicity stunt, we have a full blown auto-adrenaline campaign. And that's just interesting enough to get a little Autoshopper attention.

The campaign kicked off last month, when Chevy tossed a Sonic out of a plane high above the Arizona desert. The Sonic flipped and fell toward the desert with two skydivers behind it, eventually drifting down in the safety of a parachute. While the scene was shot on September 22, the video hit the Web last week.

A day after the skydiving video, Chevy released a bungee-jumping piece. The Sonic sat aboard a platform high above Long Beach, California attached to a crane. In an interactive social media campaign, those following the event actually "pushed" the Sonic off the platform via Web clicks on the site "LetsDoThis.com". After accumulating about 2.4 million clicks, the Sonic took the plunge, even dipping its bumper into a pool of water.

It's not exactly clear what a small hatchback has to do with high-flying adrenaline sports, but Matt Scarlett, Chevy advertising manager, makes a loose connection in saying that they hope the Sonic campaign "enables people to want to discover more and do more things."

That sounds more like a campaign for Jeep Wrangler, a car that actually does enable you to discover more and do more things, unlike a tiny hatchback, but we still like the whimsical campaign.

In addition to pushing the Sonic to new heights, Chevy urges the public to try new things in its "Game of Firsts". Try something new, upload videos, and earn the chance to win a Sonic on the website. Examples that Chevy provides include working out in the middle of a grocery store and donating blood while dressed like a vampire. Basically think of something totally goofy and random and film yourself doing it. Other users then get to vote and repost your video and the more people that like it, the more points you get toward winning a Sonic. Another Sonic will be given away to a random player, so you're not entirely out of the running if your video isn't among the most popular.

Find out more at the campaign's website, or just enjoy the original Sonic videos below. The skydiving one is a little more of a polished commercial, while the bungee jumping watches like footage from the event (mixed with some interviews).


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