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RM To Offer Ferrari's Ultimate Party-Pad-On-Wheels At Its London Sale

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On: Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 3:38PM | By: Andrew W Davis

RM To Offer Ferrari's Ultimate Party-Pad-On-Wheels At Its London Sale

It’s an age-old quandary: Sure, your Ferrari attracts the ladies, but wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the whole “driving somewhere to tryst” stage of the evening by going straight from the “Let’s get out of here” to the “Welcome to my basement. We have to be quiet, though, as my mom’s asleep upstairs” without any messy driving-about?

If only there was a Ferrari that WAS somewhere to tryst. Not only would it save you from any embarrassing “What the hell are you kids doing down there?!” type yelling from rudely-awakened parental-types (plus, you could get well and truly hammered if you chose to as there's no driving on the menu).

Well, you and your lady friend no longer have to worry about such things as Ferrari has handed over its own house-on-wheels to RM Auctions so that you—and every other dude in this predicament—can financially fight over it at the firm’s London sale on Oct. 26.

Yes, you read that right: Not only do you have the opportunity to FINALLY get a place of your very own, but that place is a genuine Ferrari-created and -owned vehicle that’s crammed to the rafters with nearly every luxurious feature you could imagine.

It was, after all, created to serve as a "roving home-base" for the highest echelon of Ferrari’s Formula 1 folks during the 2001-2005 seasons, including team managers Jean Todt and Ross Braun and drivers Rubens Barrichello and the legendary Michael Schumacher.

“This completely equipped driver’s motor coach was driven from Maranello to all the major European F1 Grand Prix races during the 2001-2005 seasons, the brilliant period when Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher were Ferrari’s lead drivers and Schumacher won the last four of his unprecedented seven F1 World Driving Championships.”

Speaking of “completely equipped”, here’s RM’s run-down on this rig—Lot 294 in RM’s catalog—the “2001 Iveco Domino HDH Orlandi Scuderia Ferrari F1 Driver’s Coach”:

“Scuderia Ferrari chose Iveco to supply a custom-built Driver’s Coach for use during the F1 Grand Prix racing seasons, and this coach was specifically designed to accommodate the drivers for strategic meetings and interviews. It features two separate apartments with independent access from the main door placed in the front and rear of the vehicle and a separate compartment for driving access from the front. Each apartment comprises a spacious area with a living room, mini-bar, 15x18-inch LCD TV, a computer table, independent lighting, satellite telephone and internet capabilities, closed shelves finished in elegant lacquered wood and wardrobe closet rooms, plus all necessary electrical sockets and fittings. In addition, each compartment is equipped with a physiotherapy massage bed and table for post-race treatments.

"This Ferrari driver’s motor coach was entirely updated with a Ferrari Red finish and exclusive red leather upholstery, and all electrical and mechanical components have been improved to the highest level. All wooden furniture features modern stainless-steel trim, and the floors are covered in PVC material. The washroom features a ceramic lavatory and a spacious shower room and washbasin, complete with a boiler for hot water. The water supply facilities are equipped with bypass security features and include drainage and waste-storage systems. Other features include independent heating and air-conditioning units and a 220-volt diesel generator, which requires no external power connection and powers all amenities.”

This “HDH” (high-roof) variant is fully-equipped on its oily-side as well, with an “Iveco engine, ZF eight-speed gearbox coupled to electronic selector, AVS, independent front suspension, air suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bars, front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, and ABS.”

Though it’s been described as “used sparingly by the Ferrari F1 department”, it nonetheless covered 85,000 kilometers. It was, however, “fully maintained by Iveco throughout its four seasons of use,” so when its current owner acquired it in 2009 it should have been in excellent shape inside and out.

Speaking of inside, the current owner wasn’t afraid of throwing his (or her) money around toward improving this coaches post-Ferrari interior amenities, either. What follows is RM’s description of that person’s spending spree, converted from UK Pounds to US Dollars (as of Oct. 22):

“Since acquisition by the current owner in 2009, it was serviced and further upgraded at great cost, including $70,658 for a GBP motor-home conversion, $6,560 for Intastat TV/internet/satellite installation, $3,031for two Panasonic televisions, $3,191for a Bose home theatre system, $8,806 for a Hastens Luxuria bed and an additional $3,191in accessories. Professionally maintained, it is a stunning motor coach and a must-have addition to the collection of an enthusiast who spends many months a year on the road, particularly now that it has received true motor-home conversion.”

[Being from this side of “the pond” I’m not sure what some of that stuff is, but seeing as how it adds up to over $95k—includiung over eight grand for a bed—it’s probably very fancy, and therefore good.]

RM has placed an estimate range of between £200,000 and £300,000 (that’s $314,080 to $421,270 American) on the lot, though seeing as how this is the only “Iveco Domino HDH Orlandi Scuderia Ferrari F1 Driver’s Coach” they—or anyone else—have ever offered, I’m not sure how that figure compares with reality (or realty).

Oh, and before you start bidding on this once-in-a-lifetime Ferrari-FF-meets-GM-Futurliner, you should know that it comes with a string (No, not strings, as there’s just the one): “Please note that the purchaser will be required to sign an agreement promising to protect Ferrari’s trademark and to not use this vehicle for commercial purposes.”

[That's right; if you wanted post-purchase to use this pleasure palace for Ferrari-impugning purposes, you can forget it. Seems there's no Italian (or British) equivalent of the "prior restraint" concept, and the First is merely one of the many Amendments they don't cotton to. Not like you'd WANT to say anything bad about Ferrari, but still....]

So there you are. Buy this and you’ll not only have a Ferrari with which you can attract the fairer sex, but a place to which you can bring them once you’ve wooed them that is decidedly NOT your parents’ basement comes at no extra charge.

The rest, as they say, is entirely up to you….

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