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SSC Tuatara Gear Ratio Testing Video, 0-To-200 MPH In Under 16 Seconds

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On: Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 12:05PM | By: Chris Weiss

SSC Tuatara Gear Ratio Testing Video, 0-To-200 MPH In Under 16 Seconds

Remember the SSC Tuatara? Of course you do. How do you forget a 1,350-hp hypercar with a completely new, sexy Castriotta design and world speed record intentions? You don't. But in case you did, a new video is here to remind you about this awesome supercar.

SSC was out testing gear ratios for its latest car on an Ultimate Aero prototype. As is the company's M.O., it wasn't on any fancy track but on a piece of public road (Shelby's last car, the Ultimate Aero TT, broke the world speed record on a piece of Washington highway).

The Tuatara draws power from a 1,350-hp twin-turbo 7.0-liter V-8 engine. In its latest testing video, Shelby Supercars is working to identify the perfect gear ratio for the Tuatara's seven-speed transmission. The Ultimate Aero with Tuatara drivetrain scored a 0-to-200 mph time under 16 seconds. That's about six seconds faster than the Bugatti Veyron, for anyone counting, and about 1.7 seconds faster than the record set by the Koenigsegg Agera R recently. SSC looks to have found the right combination.

The company said, "Testing showed that 2nd gear starts achieved the best test results as SSC averaged 6 individual 0-200 mph test runs, each unofficially clocked under 16 seconds. SSC was surprised at how quickly the Ultimate Aero reached 200 mph, but more importantly the team has now determined what they feel is the perfect gear ratios for the new 7-speed Tuatara transmission."

Now consider that new transmission is going into the Tuatara, which has been thoroughly redesigned for increased aerodynamics, and you have the makings of one quick supercar. And one damn good video.


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