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Mazda Says Its Working 'Zealously' On A New Rotary

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On: Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 10:28AM | By: Chris Weiss

Mazda Says Its Working 'Zealously' On A New Rotary

Mazda announced the final special edition RX-8 last week, and in a farewell tweet to the rotary-driven, RWD sports coupe, the company started a whole new set of rumors about the future of the rotary engine. It said in its tweet (as pieced together through Google Translate) that it is working hard on new models to house the next-generation rotary engine.

On its own, Mazda's post is innocuous enough, but given the rapid roller coaster of rotary rumors (oh yeah, alliteration!) of the past few months, they are a little more interesting.

The last we heard, Wards Auto reported that Mazda is very uncertain as to the future of its rotary development, and talks on that future are ongoing. The report cited Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Mazda's executive officer-product planning and powertrain development, and said that the rotary development had actually ceased temporarily, but was not necessarily ended for good. Mazda execs were looking for ways of cutting costs and the rotary program was one of the items on the chopping block.

Following that August report, a Mazda exec told Auto News that an RX-8 successor was under development but Mazda wasn't quite sure how to implement it.

And now Mazda mentions the rotary itself. Interestingly, Fujiwara told Wards that the rotary development was tied directly to the success of the Skyactiv platform, and Mazda's new tweet also mentions Skyactiv. Via Google translate, we get: "Mazda ‘SKYACTIV’ aims to achieve technological breakthroughs, new models are being developed intensively with the next generation of rotary engines."

Now that still leaves all kinds of questions. What will the new rotary engine look like? What type of car will it drive? Will it survive and make it to production?

Mazda will presumably need to increase any potential rotary's efficiency and decrease its emissions in a big way, since the rotary isn't quite equipped to survive in a world of tight regulations. Earlier this year, reports indicated that Mazda was looking to improve the rotary's fuel efficiency using a new laser ignition system, lighter materials and hybrid technologies in models that feature it. According to that intel, the rotary would find its way into an all-new sports coupe nicknamed the RX-9, which is thought to be a traditional coupe like the RX-7, and could get styling influence from the Mazda Shinari concept (pictured). But a lot of rumors and news has come and gone since then.

If only tweets could be longer than 140 characters...


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