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Accessories Can Be A Worthy Investment

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On: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 11:21AM | By: Peter C Sessler

Accessories Can Be A Worthy Investment

You might want to consider making some small investments to make your car a bit more bearable. You can spend an incredible amount of money on car accessories, but we'll look at some of the more practical ones that are available. Obviously, you can save a lot of money by doing these yourself.

The first area to consider is your car's lights. All cars today use halogen bulbs, but, even so, some cars have poorly designed reflectors and lenses. To get brighter lights (to help you see deer, for example) you may want to consider replacing the original bulbs with ones that have a higher wattage rating. Most of the local parts stores stock them, and it is suggested that you have your headlights aligned to make sure you won't blind anyone.

There is also a great variety of add-on driving lights that you can install either on top or below your front bumper or in the grille area. These are designed to supplement your high beams. However, you'll probably find that adding a good set of fog lamps is preferable. Fog lamps will help you see better in the fog, rain, and snow.

If you own a minivan, you may want to consider installing better floor mats, especially if you have kids. You can purchase clear or semi-clear vinyl material at carpet stores; you can then trim to fit your van's floor area, particularly the area by the side doors. The material will help preserve your carpet and regular floor mats. The vinyl is also a lot cheaper than factory floor mats or the cargo and trunk area liners that are now available from various sources.

Although most of them look a bit tacky, seat covers are a good idea if you have small (and messy) children.

One of the most objectionable aspects of winter is having to drive a cold car for some distance before the heat finally comes on. A remote control engine starter eliminates this because you can turn your car on from inside the house. By the time you're ready to get in the car, it will be nice and toasty. Conversely, in hot weather you can set the A/C to turn on so you can get into a nice cool interior.

Some of these systems also include a keyless entry system and one system even has a "vacation-option" which is designed to prevent a dead battery. The system senses when battery voltage drops to 11 volts or when the outside temperature drops to 0 degrees. On these occasions, it then turns the car on to let it warm up and charge the battery. What will they think of next!

If you are unhappy with your sound system, you can always spend a ton of money on a new radio, amplifier, and speakers. If you aren't into having a mega-watt system, you can improve the sound quality of your car's system by simply just replacing the speakers your car came with. Aftermarket speakers won't give you any more volume, but will usually greatly improve your system's sound quality. Door and rear deck speakers are fairly easy to replace while those mounted on the dash may require a bit more effort.

Most cars today are usually equipped with minimal instrumentation—typically just a speedometer and a temperature gauge. Warning lights are used to monitor other engine functions, but unfortunately they let you know only after the fact when something goes wrong. There is a great variety of aftermarket gauges and gauge kits that you can mount on or under the dash. In this way, you can anticipate and hopefully prevent costly problems.


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