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1978 Ford Mustang II Cobra II

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On: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 3:16PM | By: Peter C Sessler

1978 Ford Mustang II Cobra II

The 1974-1978 Mustangs aren’t known for high performance or even low performance. Like any car, you’ll find there are enthusiasts who like these cars—it’s just that there are fewer.

The Mustang, after the downsizing it took in 1974, looked like it was a winner for Ford—but unfortunately, sales started to decline after 1974. But not to worry, the Fox-based Mustangs were already in the works—but it took time for them to get into production, so in the meantime, Ford had to do with what was available.

Performance always sold for the Mustang. Throaty exhaust pipes, big tires, and lots of stripes always helped the Mustang. And, so, that was done for the Mustang. By 1978, the Cobra II Mustang was the “hot” Mustang, and everyone one who came within 50 feet of the car would instantly know that this was a Cobra II Mustang, as it was plastered on each door.

The rest of the Cobra II package was installed by Motortown Corporation. It included a front air spoiler; rear deck lid spoiler and simulated hood scoop; quarter window louvers with "snake" emblems; accent stripes on front spoiler, hood, roof, rear deck spoiler, and lower body side panels; "snake" emblems on the rear spoiler and wheel centers; and a "snake" emblem on the blacked-out grille.

The Cobra II got the new tape stripe treatment for 1978, and black rear window louvers, similar to the Sport Slats of 1969-70 Mustangs, were made part of the package.

The engine compartment was a bit disheartening. The top engine was the 5.0-liter (302 cubic inches) with a two barrel carburetor or the Variable Venturi carburetor and single exhausts for 139hp. The Cobra II package was available with the 5.0-liter, but it was also available with the standard 2.3-liter four-cylinder for 88hp or with the optional 2.8-liter V-6 for 90hp. What are you gonna do?

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hlamkin | 4:38PM (Fri, Oct 17, 2014)

love the pictures and story, I had one Identical in High school, I ended up blowing the 302 in it but we put back in a 289 bored 30 over, may not of been the fastest car around but man did i have fun. Dad had put 4 new Cooper Cobra tires on it and they looked good. Friends had a good time hanging out of the T-Tops cruising main street and me burning rubber ever chance i had. That is also the time I learned the price of tires cause my dad made me replace them tires I burnt Off. LOL
If I only knew what I had back then.

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