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Mecum Offers Monster Muscle Sextet For Street Or Strip In Dallas

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On: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 2:14PM | By: Andrew W Davis

Mecum Offers Monster Muscle Sextet For Street Or Strip In Dallas

Unlike the Sotheby’s Australian auction I covered a few days ago, Mecum could pretty safely say it had something for just about everyone at its October 6-8 Dallas auction. And in my trilogy of features on the sale, I’m going to try and do the same thing.  

First off are six feature cars built with "speed contests" in mind, with four that’d require trailers to take them home after a day of play and two that could be driven to, in and from a day at a drag strip—or road course—provided you kept the shiny side up (and left some "meat" on the tires).

[Cars are listed in the order in which they appeared at the auction. The term “No Sale” is used when the highest bid offered failed to meet the seller’s mandated lowest price.]

T(hursday) 93: “2004 Chevrolet Corvette Drag Car 383/475 HP, Automatic” [SOLD for $16,000]

“Described by its owner ‘a radical race car setup for limited street use’, this 2004 Corvette coupe takes the idea of a radical street machine to a whole new level. Built on a full tube chassis rolling on Weld wheels and drag rubber, it combines a 383 stroker small block sporting Jensen heads, titanium valve train and full stainless exhaust, it hooks up through a 4-link rear suspension and is held on course with the aid of a Carson Fiber Pro-Mod rear wing. Robby Grant-applied flaming Black on Red paint has helped win three Best of Show awards for this wild machine, which is ready to take its first trip through the quarter mile and is ready for street cruising as well.”

I double-dog DARE the consignor to drive this thing on ANY street when law enforcement’s nearby. Even if you could find a state stupid enough to give you a plate to hang on this thing there’s NO way it wouldn’t violate noise restriction rules if nothing else. And it’s a Corvette in name—and silhouette—only, so you’d have to register it as a kit-car or something, which means they’re gonna inspect this thing a lot closer than they would with a re-engined—but actual—Corvette. Still, it might be fun to see the DMV’s reaction when they first lay eyes on your “2004 Chevrolet Corvette.” But unless you own a drag strip—or live near one—at sixteen grand it’s a tad expensive for garage art.

F(riday) 248: “1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Drag Car 497/780 HP, Automatic” [SOLD for $14,000]

“455 Buick with stroker crank; two 1240 dominators; 400 turbo; 9" Ford 4.10 Pro-Stock gears; Runs 9.90 on engine (no nitrous)”.

I can’t help but wonder why the seller wouldn’t at least list this list of parts in such a way that a non-NHRA-affiliated buyer could understand, but as with their use of just one dim, oddly-positioned photo, maybe they just never wanted to see this thing again so they did the bare minimum. But even from what I can see in that pic this looks like more than fourteen-grand-worth of Oldsmobile, if for the bodywork alone. Add in that 455 (cubic-inch V8 engine) and its two 1240 Dominators (carbs), the 400 Turbo (transmission) and 9-inch Ford (differential) with 4.10 (ratio) Pro-Stock gears, and the parts list alone would net this high bid. And if this thing can really run the quarter-mile in “9.9 seconds without nitrous,” well, even at double this high bid it would have been a steal. More proof that a lack of halfway-decent photos and descriptions will get you less than a halfway-decent sales price.

S(aturday) 105.1: “1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Race Car” [$85k NO SALE]

“For the 1969 season, Arnie Beswick campaigned a three-car team, the ‘Super Judge’ Funny Car, a D/Stock GTO Judge and [this car, the] ‘Righteous Judge’ Pro Stock GTO Judge.[It] was built from a prototype 1969 Ram Air IV GTO Judge and as such, did not have a production VIN. Fast forward to 2007. The original body of the ‘Righteous Judge’ was located and was used as the basis for the reconstruction of the legendary Beswick racecar. The idea was not to restore the car to its original “as raced” condition but rather to re-fabricate it to meet today’s strict standards for safety on the track. A completely new chassis was built…using state-of-the-art technology and materials. This car has already made its dragstrip debut at the Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio in August of 2007 [where] it ran in the nines at over 140 mph. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a car that has been authorized and completed under the expert guidance of Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick himself.”

Here we have another claimed “nine-second car”, only in THIS case it’s one with a full description and ton of photos. But as cool as this car looks—especially in all its “action” shots—and how “authentic” it may seem, this is basically a new car based solely on an old one’s skin. Now I’m a pretty crafty wordsmith, but it doesn’t take a Merriam or Webster to see how finely- (and carefully-) crafted this description is. When you read that the only “real” part of this vehicle served only as “the basis for the reconstruction of the legendary Beswick racecar,” and you have the automotive equivalent of George Washington’s famous axe: authentic save two replacement heads and three recreated handles.

S 151: “2011 Shelby Super Snake 5.4/750 HP, 6-Speed” [SOLD for $80,000]

“With 750 horsepower on tap and handling to match, the Shelby Super Snake is the King of Mustangs. This Red example, number 42 of the 550 produced by Shelby’s hot rodders in 2011, shows how the Super Snake package builds on the GT 500’s handling, styling and power. It starts with a polished Kenne Bell-supercharged 5.4/750 HP all aluminum V-8 with custom cold air intake and upgraded cooling system, a Hurst billet-shifted 6-speed transmission and an aluminum driveshaft. 20-inch Shelby/Alcoa wheels are mounted over Baer 6-piston front- and 4-piston rear disc brakes, improving Ford’s already excellent competition suspension. The Super Snake is readily identified by its scooped fiberglass hood, carbon fiber body kit, quarter window fillers, rear spoiler and badging. Inside, the Black leather interior is upgraded with “Carroll Shelby” embroidered headrests, Alcantara inserts and auxiliary gauges, the final and most important touch being the unique dash plaque with the car’s special Super Snake serial number.”

Though at 11.2 seconds this Shelby-ized Ford GT500 Mustang isn’t playing in the same league as the purpose-built dragsters above, it IS the only one so far that you can register and insure like the street-intended beast it is. One—and newest—of 28 “Kizziar Estate Collection” cars it looked exactly how a brand-new model should, and its sale price of $80k is pretty much dead-on, considering the model’s MSRP of $50k for the GT500 and $30k+ for the Shelby “kit” and installation. If you liked red and wanted your one of the limited—to 1,000—number built RIGHT NOW, this was for you.

S 151.1: “2012 Lexus LFA” [$325k NO SALE]

“1st of its kind Lexus; handmade 100% carbon fiber body, under carriage; only 500 to be made worldwide; 1LR-GUE 4.8 liter V10, DOHC, 40 valves; 552 HP, 354 lb-ft of Torque; 6-speed Automatic Seqential Grearbox (ASG) with steering wheel mounted paddle shifter; Forged BBS wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tires; Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM); Bi-Xenon high intensity discharge headlamps; leather seats with leather and carbon fiber trim; 10 way power seats with heaters; Mark Levinson 12 speaker premium surround sound audio system, and DVD/CD changer”.

Offered straight from the “collection” of Sterling McCall Lexus—per the dealer “plate” you can see in the photos—it’s no wonder that they passed on this high bid seeing as how the MSRP of a “base” LFA is $375,000. Apart from some strange choices in interior hues—go “Build Your Own” using this car’s palette to see what I mean—this refreshingly-NOT-white LFA looks “quite the business” as the Brits would say. Unfortunately for the selling dealer, however, nobody in the room had anything to say above $325k.

S S237:“2009 Ford Mustang FR500CJ” [$55k NO SALE]

“Hand built with pride by Ford Racing; Factory turnkey drag car; supercharged 5.4L engine; VIN FR500CJ040; Ford Racing tach and gauges; roll cage; battery disconnect; Goodyear compound tires; white with Cobra Jet livery”.

Seeing as how the very first FR500CJ—“Prototype #1—sold for $375k at Barrett-Jackson’s 2009 Scottsdale event, netting this nearly-identical car in as-new shape for just $55k would’ve seemed like a steal (especially considering the car’s original MSRP of $69,900). But this seller did not want to be stolen from, so he (or she) is taking their one-of-50-produced ’09 Cobra Jets back home. Inspired by 40th anniversary of 1968 Cobra Jet Mustang, the FR500CJ was designed to be NHRA legal right out of the box. Many—if not most—never actually turned a wheel in anger, and this one’s no exception. A new FR500CJ arrived in 2010, and THAT car’s replacement is due for 2012. That’s the problem with track-only cars: rules change, and technology never stops advancing. The car might pull more than $55k at auction; the question, however, is when…

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