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USF1 Launches Website; Chew On That, Bernie!

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On: Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 3:13PM | By: John Welch

USF1 Launches Website; Chew On That, Bernie!

Politics, finance, lawyering, and F1, all business full of dirty, cheating scumbags. Industries rife with parasites, teeming with socio-economic disease. Foul people, doing underhanded work, making a gazillion dollars by holding down the little guy. Most unfortunately, without the work of these money-grubbing societal denizens, the world would cease to spin on its axis. Economies would collapse, professional atheletes would actually go to jail, and my Sundays would not be filled with carbonfiber-dressed, 3g-pulling, techno-overload. Filthy, filthy occupations, yet absolutely necessary. Now where's that phone book, I am going to contest every single one of these jay-walking tickets . . .

Maybe he's miffed about the 1780s, maybe he thinks Peter Windsor is a a traitor to the Queen. Maybe he thinks Ken Anderson is a backwoods yokel who bumbled his way into an engineering degree ala George Dubya and Business Economics. Whatever Bernie Ecclestone thinks, his public assesment of USF1 has been pompus and just plain wrong. The F1 Monarch has been very open regarding his doubts about USF1's ability to field an F1 car by March 12th, the first practice for the Bahrain GP.

Most of the conjecture surrounding USF1 has centered on their lack of a webpage. Despite the fact the websites of Lotus, Campos, and Virgin are lackluster at best, USF1 has been displaying a glorified cover-page for the better part of 2009. On Friday, they shut all the nay-sayers up. Right up. Hard.

Featuring a video depicting the inner workings of the USF1 machine, design, and composite shops, the USF1 website has been launched and proves unequivically that our team is the most prepared of the new teams. Look at everyone else- Lotus may be using a stolen design, Virgin has completely written off wind-tunnel testing, and Campos Meta might as well be named "Dallara-Cosworth", seeing as those two companies are completely responsible for the Campos car. Not only are these teams as tight-lipped as USF1; none of them have websites that would pass for "informative". The public name-calling between Lotus and Virgin is the most widely and deeply covered topic on any of their sites.

USF1 is the only new team who is constructing a car completely in-house, and have one of the most dynamic facilities in the sport. McLaren and Ferrari may be the only teams with more elaborate set-ups.

The launch of the webpage was accompanied by a blog post from team co-owner Peter Windsor:

"A number of people have asked me why we’ve been relatively quiet over the past six months or so. My answer is twofold- one, while the F1 politics were sorting themselves out there was very little that we could do or say. We’re all in the entertainment business we call F1 and there seemed little or no point in adding to the situation from the perspective of a new team."

Amen, brother! Let that silly-ass European media tie itself in knots perpetually. We all know that they're just afraid of what will happen when all of their carbon suppliers (yes, 99% of the carbon-fiber used in F1 originated from the States) begin making parts for a team from these United States. Domination maybe? I'm not counting any chickens just yet; my previous statemnt is complete conjecture; However, having proven themselves to be more than a name (USF1, USGPE? That one still hasn't been straightened out) and an ex-Joe Gibbs warehouse, I'm beginning to get fairly excited about seeing two (hopefully, tradition you know . . .) dark blue and white-striped race cars duking it out with the best in the world come March and the Bahrain Grand Prix. Great job so far, guys; keep it up!

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