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Lutz Takes The Wraps Off Of GM's Near Future Product

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On: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 3:47PM | By: John Welch

Lutz Takes The Wraps Off Of GM's Near Future Product

Another day, another boring, useful-information free press conference from GM. The world has to be getting as sick of this as I am . . . has this blog even reported on anything other than GM in the last month? Yeah, I guess we have, but not much damnit!

Anyway, the esteemed Mr. Bob Lutz gives us small morsels of info regarding the next Malibu and its cousins, assuming anyone cares . . .

Regarding the next Malibu, Lutz is very confident that a strip of chrome will be the reason it sells well. "Nothing adds perceived value to a car faster than that chrome surround around the side glass because it is a hallmark of German and Japanese luxury products." How about some actual value? The success of German and Japanese products has to do with strip of fake chrome? Really? It has nothing to do with rear-drive and high build quality, just the chrome huh? AaAhhhhrrrggrhhrhrggghhh, embarrassing!!

Lutz goes on to make excuses for the delay in rolling out new models. "Once we got out of the bankruptcy and started having money available, we were able to pull a lot of our programs forward." He offered very few specifics beyond this "pulling programs forward" business. Lutz did announce that the next Buick LaCrosse and Regal will both share a platform with the Chevrolet, but that the LaCrosse would ride on a slightly elongated wheelbase.

"We are going through the whole portfolio and pulling forward as much as we can," Lutz said. "It is not forward from where it should have been. It is forward from back where we had deferred in bankruptcy." Which is all well and good, but you're still not telling us anything. What programs? Just the mid-size platform? Planning anything exciting anytime soon? Forgot about the CTS Coupe? Some Holden something or other maybe? No?

Well, what do you have for us, Bob? "If you skimp on $50 of chrome, you are reducing the customer's perceived value of the car by $500 to $600," says Lutz. Right. Thanks for that . . .

When I first saw this video, months ago, I thought it was extremely asinine. Ppphhff, was I wrong!


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