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Tata Nano Loves Gooold

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On: Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 4:29PM | By: Chris Salamone

Tata Nano Loves Gooold

Easily one of the least expensive cars on planet Earth, the Tata Nano has become the object of the people—a symbol of accessibility, mobility, unreliability, and practicality for the masses. While native Indian models start around $2,500 and the much anticipated North American model is expected to cost about $7,000, the Tata family has developed another price point worthy of note. Except this time only one man is capable of pulling off such an exceptionally appointed automobile, and he is from Holland… not North America or India. This latest Tata Nano is not a production vehicle, and couldn’t possibly be reproduced on a mass scale. That’s because it cost $4.6 million to create.

Yes, a company known for incredible value has developed a car completely decked out in gold, silver, and precious gems. Why, you ask? Unfortunately, this is not for a fourth installment of the funniest movie trilogy of all time, Austin Powers. Instead the Tata family is trying to execute a two-player sway publicity stunt intended to promote enthusiasm for the randomly combustible Nano and in celebration of the 5,000-year anniversary for their jewelry company in India. That’s quite a milestone, made more important by the Tata family’s ownership of the Gold Plus jewelry company.

The bejeweled Nano features 176 pounds of 22-karat gold, 33 pounds of silver, and over 10,000 precious gems and stones—putting Master P’s obsession with gold cars to shame. Tata hired one of the company’s subsidiaries, Titan Industries, and hosted a public campaign for people to submit different potential designs. The pictures show the final result.

Tata released their plans back in December of last year, with an anticipated release date of April or May 2011. Most people probably just assumed their plans to be some sort of media hoax, mere puffery set to distract the blitz of negative coverage about Nano’s bursting into flame. Alas, the Tata family has fulfilled their promise and created a gold Tata Nano for all to see, provided you happen to visit a Gold Plus jewelry store where this golden egg will be laid in a promotional tour de force throughout India.

Sun glasses are advised. Flash photography is not. Check out this video for the official unveiling.

Photo Gallery (click a thumbnail to enlarge)


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