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Whitacre Looking For a Few Good Executives, Willing To Work For Peanuts

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On: Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 12:50PM | By: John Welch

Whitacre Looking For a Few Good Executives, Willing To Work For Peanuts

Tex Whitacre Jr. and GM's Board of Executives are currently searching for “a motivating, inspirational leader” to direct the ailing company back to its former glory. Though candidates need to be strong and accomplished leaders, they don't need to be existing CEOs or even have strong auto credentials ("auto credentials" being worth little more then a hill of beans in 2009 . . .).

Whitacre told reporters that he was looking for "A person that's a motivating, inspirational leader that's familiar with big companies, manufacturing or industrial, would be helpful." No ess; I thought you were planning on hiring a career junkie as the new CEO . . . instead you want a strong leader with manufacturing or industrial experience . . . gee, would that even apply to a mass-market auto manufacturer? Seriously, Tex, if you're going to call press conferences, try actually saying something at said conferences.

It seems as if I rail on Whitacre pretty often, but actually he has done a decent job separating the wheat from the chaff within the GM hierarchy. Oh, yeah, and he isn't really being paid while acting as GM CEO, a position he is not interested in for the long term. Some of his decisions have been spot on. Putting Susan Docherty in charge of Marketing, moving Bob Lutz to a lower profile-position that comes with more product-planning sway, and ess-canning Fritz Henderson and his "I hate Badge-Engineering when it applies to good cars people actually want" ideology.

Whitacre reiterated the challenge of getting around executive compensation restraints that we, the tax-payers and 60% owners, have placed on New GM. Whitacre believes the the moral imperative to resurrect what was once the greatest car corporation in the world will be worth its weight in gold. "It's also about a desire to lead a big company," Whitacre said. "I think somebody would be wanting to do this, more than for compensation. It's a bigger deal than that." Touche, sir, touche.

A start, but there is much room for improvement.

Case in point: Chevy Volt advertising. C'mon, guys, pull yourselves out your "Heatbeat of America" malaise. This stuff is almost that bad. The Chevy Volt Song?! The Chevy Volt Dance??! Are you effing kidding me?! It's almost incomprehensible how completely out of touch GM, or its ad agency, or both really are. Prepare to laugh, Ladies and Germs, this is so bad it's funny . ..

Not ready to commit ritual suicide yet? I've got just the tonic to send you over the edge: The Chevy Volt DANCE . ..

"OhsweetlordstrikemedownwithlightningNOW" is not a word either, but I've used it just as many times as "vehicularity" is used in that ear-stain of a song. I love how the entire world really does revolve around the tastes of 13 year old girls. This could be worse. It could be a Scion commercial. I trust the sensibilities of 13 year old girls way more then that of thugabillies and the fat childern of Filipino immigrants. Touche, GM, touche . . .

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