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Mecum Muscle Means Multiple Modern Camaros At St. Charles Sale

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On: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 12:12PM | By: Andrew W Davis

Mecum Muscle Means Multiple Modern Camaros At St. Charles Sale

Billed as offering 1,000 vehicles and featuring “Muscle Cars and Corvettes, Open to ALL Collector Cars,” Mecum’s September 15-18 St. Charles sale is named for the Illinois city that’s home to its sale’s base at the Pheasant Run Resort.

With that many cars to offer, the fact that there’s nearly 60 Chevy Camaros of almost every stripe on sale might seem statistically insignificant. But if you’re in the market for a special edition—or just special—Camaro, having 60 of them in one place at one time (OK, the sale’s three days, but still) is an opportunity not to be missed.

For this installment I’m starting where the Camaro’s original timeline ended, with Mecum’s offerings of limited-edition Camaros built from 1993 to 2002. We’re talking eight Pace and Anniversary cars, including FOUR 1997 30th Anniversary Edition Z28 coupes. Speaking of which…

“To celebrate the Camaro's 30th anniversary, Chevrolet offered a specially optioned Arctic White Z28 with Orange stripes, recalling the Z11 1969 Pace car.” That’s how the description begins on one of the four “Z4C Z28 30th Anniversary package”-equipped 1997 Camaro Z28 coupes on offer here, but it applies to them all.

Each has an all-white body with dual orange accent stripes, white wheels (except one) and white leather seating surfaces in an otherwise black interior. Each sports Chevy’s famed 5.7-liter “LT-1” V8 engine coupled to an automatic (usually) or six-speed manual transmission.

But—as you’d expect with a not-very-limited “Limited Edition” Chevy—there were quite a few factory- and dealer-installed options as well, each with differing “take rates.” That’s represented here, too, with all but one featuring the smoked-glass “T-Top” roof panels with sun shades (popular) and only one sporting chromed wheels (not).

And while none of them sport the REALLY limited goodies—convertible top, LT4 engine, etc.—they still serve to illustrate the spectrum of mileage, equipment, and condition you can expect to see when shopping for one of these coupes, only all in three days and in one place.


One of “only 337 with NO T-Top and [with] automatic transmission” and “a real nice driver quality car.” Could be better served by better pictures, though when you read “driver quality” about a car WITHOUT an odometer reading, maybe there’s a reason the pics are fuzzy (and why it’s running WAY early in the show…) More Info


Sports the “rare MN6 6-speed [manual transmission] and factory T-tops with sun shades”; has “39,948 CARFAX-certified miles” and a “perfect interior”. Now THIS is how you want to find a decent car for a decent price. It’s not a 97-mile trailer queen like S77 but not a beaten-on or questionable-condition car like the others. And if you’re looking to drive your acquisition in Camaro-like fashion the manual gearbox is the way to go. That it’s rarer—and therefore more collectible/valuable—is just a bonus... More Info


Has common automatic transmission and T-tops but “rare” chrome wheels. Those chrome wheels are uncommon for a reason, and are just one of the signs that this Camaro’s been messed with (the other is that odd sticker dead-center in the rear fascia below the stamped “CAMARO”). Maybe it’s just a case of a selling dealer getting a little too options-happy, but... More Info

And saved for last—so it runs during prime-time on Saturday—is certainly the best of all, S(aturday)77:

“At just 97 miles, the one-owner Anniversary Edition offered here is probably the lowest-mileage example in existence. Purchased new on January 11, 1996, it was equipped with the LT1 engine, automatic transmission, removable T-top roof panels [and] white leather seats with driver-side power controls. It is well documented with a dealer paperwork including the original title and owner’s manual.” If you’re looking for a museum piece or collection-filler, this is how you’d want to find one of these. Otherwise it’s a case of paying extra for a car you can’t enjoy, as every mile—and scratch—will represent a pile of dollar bills being burned off its future value… More Info

If you’re looking for a truly limited-edition Camaro from this generation, but not the orange-over-white aesthetic, Mecum’s got you covered there, too, with three pace-car-themed models. [Though called two different names due to different events, they are both held by the same racetrack. Name it and win (nothing)! ]

Lot T89:“1997 Chevrolet Camaro Brickyard Edition LT1, Automatic”

“1 of 49 built; 1 of 12 sold to the public; #17 actual track car with paperwork; leather interior; parade boot; real nice driver.” Judging by the crappy pics and odometer-free description I’ll bet that it’s being sold by the same folks as T71, but as is the case with that vehicle, this might be your way to get a rare(ish) drop-top Camaro for regular-production money. With power—and “new”—everything, this “real nice driver” it has real promise… More Info

Lot T103:“1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Indy Pace Car LT1, Automatic”

Judging by the dead grass in the foreground this looks to be another of Mr. Bad Photo’s Camaros, though the sum total of this car’s description is “Very nice driver; North Carolina car; Loaded; T-Tops.” Again I’ll say that this might be your chance to grab one of these at a discount, as regardless of the miles it’s traveled it is in decent shape and (apparently) all-there. Not my cup of tea visually, it is still a special-edition Camaro with ties to the Indy 500, so there are two groups of collectors you can impress right there, right?... More Info

Lot F174:“2002 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car Convertible”

“Brickyard 400 Pace Car Camaro convertible; Only 60 numbered cars produced; This is #57, the very last festival car built; Over $20,000 of performance upgrades; Dubbed The World's Fastest 2002 Brickyard 400 Pace Car; Wolf-painted 6-point roll cage; 16,000 original miles; Original documents, window sticker, and numbered plate; Have most of the original take-off parts exhaust, throttle body, cam, air box, original cross member, strut tower brace; Runs and drives great.” Of all the Camaros here, this is the one I can’t wait to see what it sells for. It’s just about the most-limited of Limited Editions here, but it has also been messed with the most. Take away the $20k in claimed “improvements” and you’d have one of the most valuable 2002 Brickyard cars. But once you start tampering with its originality, are you really adding value? We shall see… More Info

And, finally we’re back to an Anniversary car. In this case it’s the 35th, or the final anniversary of the continuously-manufactured Camaro. By this point everyone knew the Camaro was dead, but that did not stop the folks at Chevy from pulling out all the stops on (finally!) creating an Anniversary edition that was longer on performance than appearance.

Lot F137:“2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS 35th Anniversary”

Not much in the way of description comes with this car—“very original; very low miles; from dealer’s collection”—but the pictures speak volumes. Not only does it look to be in fantastic shape, it also comes equipped with all the super-duper SLP-added goodies. I could do without the automatic transmission, howeversomething that has probably occurred to many potential buyers as well. Still, it IS one of the last “original” Camaros, and when you add the Anniversary and SLP stuff to it, you have something that should only increase in value. Unless you drive it. Or even park it outside. Just to be safe, how about you just don’t touch it at all… More Info

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