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Jaguar C-X16 Hybrid Concept

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On: Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 10:49AM | By: Chris Weiss

Jaguar C-X16 Hybrid Concept

Around this time last year, Jaguar stole the Paris Motor Show with its ultra-awesome C-X75 concept. Not only was the concept a sexy hybrid supercar with jet turbine technology, and not only was it Jaguar's first supercar since the ever-lust-ible XJ-220, but it kind of came out of left field and overshadowed more anticipated debuts, like the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. It was show car through and through.

This year, Jaguar expands the C-X hybrid concept family with the C-X16. A look at a future entry-level sports coupe, the C-X16 isn't quite the show-stealer that the C-X75 was, but it's a car that more of the world has a chance at owning. And it's pretty sexy in its own right.

Unlike the C-X75, which is powered by 780 horses worth of wheel-mounted electric motors using gas turbines (engine in production) to deliver extra range, the C-X16 is more of a parallel hybrid. The car is powered by a rear-driving, 380-hp 3.0-liter V-6 engine—smaller than the V-8s typical in Jaguars—and employs some help from an F1-inspired hybrid boost system.

The motor/generator integrated into the transmission is positioned primarily at acceleration and power boosts, and is available to the driver via a "Push to Pass" button, which provides a boost of up to 90 hp. The button is mounted to the steering wheel, providing an accessible way of getting a little extra power to blow past that 18-wheeler in the middle lane. The hybrid system gets electrons from a 1.6 kW battery pack that is recharged via brake regeneration.

Jaguar's numbers put the C-X16 at 62 mph in 4.4 seconds, top speed at 186 mph, and acceleration from 50 to 75 mph—key passing territory—at 2.1 seconds. While primarily a boost mechanism, the electric motor can also power the car independently at speeds up to 50 mph.

Styling-wise, we see some influence from the C-X75 in a smaller package, including the sharp-angled rear, the slit taillights, rounded trapezoidal grille, and vertical air intakes. Other than the too-large-for-its-body front end, it's a pretty hot car, in one man's humble opinion. According to Jag's press release, it has the shortest overall length of any Jaguar since 1954.


C-X16 Production Concept Redefines Jaguar Sports Cars

· C-X16 is a bold statement of Jaguar's future design and technological intent

· A compact, rear-wheel drive, two-seater, with a true sporting character, underpinned by immensely strong aluminium architecture - perfect 50:50 weight distribution

· Powered by an innovative supercharged 3.0-litre V6 producing 380 PS (280 kW) and 332 lb ft (450 Nm) of torque

· Hybrid system controlled by a steering-wheel mounted ‘Push to Pass' button boosts output by 70 kW and 235 Nm

· Top speed of 186 mph, 0-62 mph in 4.4 seconds and 50-75 mph acceleration in 2.1 seconds with CO2 emissions of 165 g/km

Jaguar has released details of the C-X16 concept ahead of its world debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Looking firmly to the future, the C-X16 marks a new chapter for Jaguar. The two-seater concept has inspired new advances in design, in engineering and in vehicle technology to create the most compact and responsive Jaguar in a generation. A hybrid, the C-X16 combines searing performance with beautifully realised styling.

Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars: "The C-X16 embodies the established Jaguar strengths of sensual design, animal-like agility and inspirational performance and combines these with attributes that set us on a course to create sustainable sports cars of the future."

Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar Cars: "Jaguars have always been dramatically different. With the C-X16 we have moved the current award-winning design language on to the next generation, creating a car that is the very essence of future Jaguar performance."

Under the muscular clamshell bonnet is a next-generation supercharged V6 petrol engine producing 380 PS (280kW) and 332 lb ft (450 Nm) of torque. Already boasting a high specific power output of 126 PS-per-litre, the performance of the C-X16 is further supplemented by a Formula 1-inspired hybrid boost system with a steering-wheel mounted button for on-demand acceleration.

Integrated into the eight-speed gearbox is a motor generator which draws power from a 1.6kWh battery pack mounted behind the seats for ideal 50:50 weight distribution. Charged through a brake energy regeneration system, the batteries allow the motor to provide an additional 95 PS (70 kW) and173 lb ft (235 Nm).

Mounted in an aluminium chassis structure, the result is 0-62 mph acceleration in 4.4 seconds, a top speed of 186 mph and acceleration from 50-75 mph of 2.1 seconds. The C-X16 is also able to travel at speeds of up to 50 mph under electric power alone and has CO2 emissions of 165 g/km.

The C-X16 measures 4,445 mm in length, 2,048 mm in width and 1,297 mm in height and has a wheelbase measuring 2,622 mm. In terms of overall length, the C-X16 is the smallest Jaguar created since 1954 and the XK120.

The C-X16 will be presented at the Jaguar Land Rover press conference in Hall Five at the Frankfurt Motor Show on Tuesday September 13 at 09:15 CET.

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dwalter | 10:58AM (Wed, Sep 14, 2011)

Looks like a James Bond car... or maybe just like an Aston. Either way it looks great.

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