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Fiesta Pricing Announced, The 'Shopper Prices Our Own

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On: Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 4:41PM | By: John Welch

Fiesta Pricing Announced, The 'Shopper Prices Our Own

Aww geez, Ford went and screwed up the Fiesta. Who knows why; US crash regulations, marketing fluffery regarding fake chrome, needing to save a few pennies with a cheaper grile. Whatever the reason, Ford went and uglified the new Fiesta but-good for our (American) consumption. What was once an attractive, almost angry looking small car now has that unpleasant small-car cheapness to the front end that none of us particularly like . . . Here at the 'Shopper anyway. You might like it, but you also might be a total jerk.

So it got all goofy/cheap looking; it's still a fantastic amount of car for a (comparable) pittance. Certainly worth pricing, as it will probably occupy more than a spot or two behind the gates of the 'Shopper parking lot in years to come. Served on a platter: all the steps needed to reserve a $13 grand Fiesta for yourself, thoughtfully scewed to keep that "13" from swelling much past "17" . . .

The European Ford FiestaLook at the image to left. See those fancy fog lamps? The large, gaping, organically-shaped grille opening? The one that passes below the bumper line and is reminiscent of far more expensive cars? Hopefully you don't find all that as pleasing as I do, because you won't seeing any of it. Nope, we get gawdy, flimsy chrome triangles and a silly Escortesque bar-grille. A poor halfie version of the original European design. Blech. What are those freaking chrome things? Are they supposed to be . . . intakes? Brakes coolers? We all know they serve zero purpose, but seriously . . . they're so cheesy they don't even follow the lines of the sheetmetal they're pressed into. Gross.

Anyway, despite typical facial atrocities, the Fiesta is an appealing car. Lots of stuff crammed into a willing chassis that can be competently operated by the average toddler. Even if that toddler is high on goof-balls. It's small, it's light, reasonably feisty and sized to fit in a shoe box. The car is roomy as well. Our demented toddler could fit half the preschool inside and still have elbow room for glue-huffing. Another plus: The Fiesta is dirt cheap. Starting at $13,320 the Fiesta is a killer bargain. Let's see if we can get one without those hideous chrome schnoz inserts.

http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/fiesta/ will zap us on over to the Fiesta's virtual garage, allowing us to option and price our own car. The base price is sort of misleading, you can't get a hatchback for $13,320, only a sedan. What's that all about? Though I would prefer a hatch, the sedan is attractive enough, so we'll go with that.

There are three available trim levels, 'S', 'SE', and 'SEL'. How predictable. Trying to save money for the really silly options, I go ahead and select the 'S' variant. I don't need that "Sync" garbage or a chrome grille. I think my disdain for plastic chrome is well documented. Naturally I'm going with the manual transmission, so my total price is still $13,320.

Color choices are limited with the 'S' model, which isn't that big a deal. I would chose the 'Monterey Grey Metallic' no matter what trim I was getting. Paint decision made, it's time to address the wheels. The stock hubcaps are awful, and the optional 17" wheels aren't much better. I would probably just buy aftermarket rims to replace them. Then again, I'm lazy, and even though I say that now, I may never get around to actually replacing those steelies. Let's go ahead and get the rims while the gittin's good.

Now the price tag is up to $15,345, let's move on to the interior. Not much going on here, for the 'S' model anyway. One color of seat and trim fabric, to be expected from the base arrangement. You can option a CD player in your multi-function info-dash, but it's part of a convenience package I don't want.

I do like the goofy "Illuminated Interior" accessory package, and I am an ass, so I'm getting it. So now my total is $15,945, a satisfying price. I'm getting a lot of standard features - cruise control, stability control, iPod connectivity - for not a whole lot of money. The Fiesta represents good value and although I can't stand what they did to its darling face, I can't use that as a reason not to recommend the car. It's a great deal and a good sign for the American car landscape

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Plove | 8:51PM (Fri, Dec 4, 2009)

I will have to say I like the 2 door one that looks very sleek. The 4 door not so much.


imwithcoco | 1:13AM (Sat, Dec 5, 2009)

Why did Ford change the look for the American market? Why can't we get the nice looking euro models? Ford could save more money by using the same parts across the board. This happens again and again in the United States and its not limited to American auto manufacturers. Look at Honda vehicles in Japan and compare them to Honda of America models.


imwithcoco | 2:28AM (Sat, Dec 5, 2009)

The new pics of the car in gray look much better. The alloy option is worth the extra green but I still do not like the grill & chrome things at the bottom of the front bumper. JD maybe this car would look better with the optional plastic chrome grill. I think anything would beat the cheap econobox plastic painted grill.


RoadKill | 10:03AM (Sat, Dec 5, 2009)

I really don't like the chrome thingy on the dashboard looks like a transformer maybe Michael Bay did the dash? Take a look at the following image:


RoadKill | 10:07AM (Sat, Dec 5, 2009)

Ooops I forgot they don't like HTML in the posts....

Here go to this image and tell me the dash was not ripped off from the Transformers movie poster....

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