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Fritz Gets Fired; Ms. Fritz Jr. Gets Fired Up

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On: Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 12:17PM | By: John Welch

Fritz Gets Fired; Ms. Fritz Jr. Gets Fired Up

I was sick. I missed it. Fritz Henderson has finally gotten pushed out of GM, Tex Whitacre has finally gotten his "Mullay-Badge", and I was sick. Thankfully, I couldn't really care less. Allen Mullay can't be replicated, GM can't squash corporate bureaucracy even with the proverbial "gun to its head," and Fritz has been wishy-washy during his entire tenure. Bring back my four-door Zeta, and then maybe I'll care. Right now, I really don't.

Thankfully, social-networking and the wholesale destruction of American "class" have produced a complete public meltdown that I can at least feign interest in. Fritz has himself a daughter. She has herself one uh them fancy Facebook dealies. As we all know, the relative consequence-free world of Facebook lends itself to all sorts of ess-talking that maybe should have been proof-read before posting. It's a girl, she was born in the nineties - thus, there was no proof-reading . . . .

Glorious. Simply Glorious. "Eff eff eff eff eff Whitacre Jr., EFF!" . . .I love it. Some would try to examine and analyze what Sarah Henderson had to say, but I prefer to let her do her own talking:

The post was originally caught by Jalopnik.com before GM had a chance to take it down (she posted directly to their corporate Facebook), leaving us with a little more proof that even the wealthiest Americans produce degenerate brats with no respect for the English language. Sarah does have a point though, poor grammar or not, about what an eff-stick Tex Whitacre is. I'm beginning to think I hate them all.

The source article is an interesting read, pointing out other famous Daughter-Coming-To-Daddy's-Rescue misadventures. I'll need to remember to lock my female chidren in a basement until they're thirty . . .

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