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Nissan Sells Out Its Japanese Brethren

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On: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 12:32PM | By: Chris Weiss

Nissan Sells Out Its Japanese Brethren

Ordinarily, in the wake of great tragedy comes great solidarity. When a nation is hit by a disaster of natural or manmade origin, it bands together, pulls itself up and gets back on track. Rivals become allies and enemies turn friends in light of the greater struggles facing them.

But one automaker has chosen to abandon its country mates as they continue to struggle with production issues stemming from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of earlier this year. In a new commercial, Nissan basically sells out Toyota, Honda and other Japanese brands in saying that it is the first to be officially back on track.

The Japanese auto industry was ravaged after March's natural disasters, with supply shortages and production stoppages continuing to affect automakers months later. Supplies of certain Japanese-built models dwindled in markets like the U.S. and incentives disappeared. But apparently not for Nissan.

In a new U.S. ad spot, Nissan makes a full effort to let the world know that its vehicles are stocked at full levels. And other Japanese brands aren't. The commercial doesn't mention any other brands in particular, simply stating: "Unlike some car companies, Nissan is running at 100 percent." But it's not really that hard to figure out.

And in case you're not all that familiar with who Nissan might be talking about it, Nissan USA VP of sales and marketing Al Castignetti spells it out: "Honda and Toyota are talking about coming back. We don't have to wait till October or November. We're back now."

I can understand the desire to dispel the notion that you're short on vehicles. Just the mere thought of lower supplies and higher prices is enough to motivate some customers to skip Japanese dealers altogether and focus on American and Korean-made vehicles. But is it really necessary to sell Toyota, Honda and the rest down the river? All Japanese brands were hit pretty hard by this year's unforeseen events; you'd think there would be a little camaraderie. But business is business, I guess.

Does this mean we'll have to see the CrossCabriolet on streets soon?

And here it takes a jab directly at Honda:



dwalter | 2:19PM (Mon, Aug 22, 2011)

Although these are pretty harsh, I think they're a smart way of delivering the message. I don't see why Honda's salesman had to be the epitome of car salesmen stereotypes though.

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