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Toyota, Dana Must Report On Crusty Truck Frames

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On: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 4:53PM | By: John Welch

Toyota, Dana Must Report On Crusty Truck Frames

Nah, Nah - Toyota finally screwed something up. Not that I'm wishing Toyota any bad luck, but MAN, am I sick of their "holierthanthou" reputation in the US market. Finally, after years of hearing all about Toyota's amazing reliability, and their astronomical resale value and their magical fuel economy blahblahblah, they've finally gone and really screwed the pooch. Hard. The pooch has a broken hip.

"Wasn't that 'floor mats' thing a pretty big deal?" you ask. Well, no, not really. Zip-ties solved that problem. Here we have a real serious failure. Here we have an afront to humankind that just cannot be overlooked: The thingee that holds the spare tire in place gets a little rusty . . .. What?!? What a let down!! Is that all??! No, this rust can cause your Tundra's brakes to fail in extreme cases . . . sigh, I was hoping for some sort of grisly catastrophe that involved the Tundra completely imploding on itself, crushing the driver and the driver's dog in a cocoon of twisted metal and shattered glass . . . Toyota, you always let me down . . .

Already in hot water over several quality-related issues, Toyota is now being asked by the NHTSA to provide detailed specifications and information on the rusty truck frames, affecting Tundras from the 2000 and 2001 model years. This issue has been seen before, in earlier versions of the Toyota Tacoma.

The frames were manufactured by Dana Corp., which also supplied the frames for the 750,000 Tacoma pickups that suffered similar rust problems and were the subject of voluntary recalls and buybacks last year.

“It is too early to speculate what we will do for Tundra,” Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said. “They're only looking at one specific portion of the frame - the cross member that supports the spare tire - not the entire frame.” Lyons said no connection exists between the Tacoma and Tundra frames. “The frames were built to a different design and at different plants,” he said, “so this is not apples to apples.”

Lyons even accepts responsibility for the problems, despite the frames being manufactured by Dana . . . wait, what?! “Ultimately, this is our vehicle and our responsibility,” Lyons said.

What the hell kind of automotive executive are you Mr. Lyons?! I don't know what hole you crawled out of, but here in the mighty U S of A we "pass the buck" son! Man, Toyota burns me up. They're going so far as to extend the warranties of trucks that fall under the recall but have no obvious rust-related damage. Ahhhrrgghh, you're supposed to wait until our warranties run out, and then on a service visit, sand the frame with a grinder and cause the rust yourself! Geez, GM held a press conference on this, guys; where were you?

. . .lies . . .


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