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Twelve Drivers Linked To USF1

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On: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 11:22AM | By: John Welch

Twelve Drivers Linked To USF1

America needs a pick-me-up. A cattle-prod to the collective face. We need to go out and trounce the rest of the world at their own, uhm . . . some game of theirs. We got our Basketball "Cojones" back, now how about our Engineering-Prowess "Cojones." USF1 plans to do just that, albeit with a British co-owner and some sort of European driver.

Which is fine. Lately I don't trust us enough to assume we could dominate the most technically advanced sport in the world without any experienced help. I mean, seriously, Taco Bell invents asinine, Newspeak, adver-words and we don't out-and-out boycott them over it?! ("Melty"?! How stupid are we, really?) Eff, I had Taco Bell yesterday!

Even if I and most of the rest of us are hopeless trainwrecks, Ken Anderson most definitely is not. He's put together a world-class F1 program in North Carolina, and now he's ready to employ some drivers. The first year might not be pretty, but 2011 could be the year America wins its pride back . . .

The short list reads like a who's-who of freelance race drivers. Pedro De La Rosa. Frank Montangy. Jacques Villeneuve. Not all of the drivers mentioned are foreign either. Earlier this week, Johnathan Summerton updated his Twitter (blech! last time I mention "Tweaker," promise . . .) page with this gem: "Who says I've signed man, (I'm) just saying F1 here we come." . . . . !! He's sure confident. I'm gonna be disappointed if he's referring to Manor GP . . .

Ken Anderson was interviewed by France's Auto Hebdo. "The most important thing for us is to work with drivers who have F1 experience, simply because of the decrease in test days," Anderson said.

"Our list has about 12 names on it. All are excellent drivers who could bring us a lot," Anderson continued. "To choose two or three of them will not be easy." Anderson has a monumental task ahead of him. To choose two experienced drivers is the obvious thing to do, unfortunately USF1 is marketed almost relentlessly on how gosh-darned patriotic it is. Anderson and Peter Windsor (Team Principle and F1 Pit Reporter for Speed) are backed into a corner to an extent, forced to fill at least one seat with an American in order to live up to the hysteria.

Just because they may have to give a ride to an underdeveloped Yank driver doesn't mean they can't win with one. Anderson has already revolutionized F1 spending procedures. USF1 owns one of the most advanced windtunnels in Formula One and it spent a third of what other teams (McLaren!!!) have ponied up for their tunnels. That is all on Anderson, the American. I'm glad that Summerton is so confident in his abilities, because shortly he may have to shoulder a much heavier burden. The future of F1 in the US rests on USF1, and if Summerton is selected as the second driver, he will instantly feel more pressure than most people experience in their entire lives. He says he can do it; I hope USF1 gives him a chance.

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