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Hexatech C3TR, Worth Every Stinking Penny!

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On: Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 1:55PM | By: John Welch

Hexatech C3TR, Worth Every Stinking Penny!

If anyone is paying attention, this is my Christmas List:

1.) Six dozen cases of Widmer Hefeweizen.

2.) 35 cartons of Marlboro Reds.

3.) 300 some-odd gallons of Dutch Brothers Espresso,

and 4.) the Hexatech C3TR six-post Racing Simulator.

 . . . then I would humbly request that I be left in solitude until July . . .

Racing Simulation has always been a game of compromises. Sure, the sims have gotten prettier and more expansive, offering ever increasing amounts of cars for me to e-smash. But even Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 will be lacking in one important area: the seat of my pants.

Remember "Daytona USA"? I've easily sunk hundreds of dollars into that polygonal-mess over the years, and always imagined that I would own four of them some day. My friends and I would have marathon battles on the fictitious Daytona course, ramming each other into the wall underneath the enormous "Sonic" slot-machine. Ahh, the dreams of children. Nowadays, "Daytona USA" would not cut the mustard.

Now I want, no, require, the Cruden Hexatech C3TR simulator. It's a little on the pricey side; $240,000. . . And I'm gonna need four of them. In a nutshell, the Hexatech is a driving seat mounted on complicated hydraulics and surrounded by three massive TV screens. The hydraulics are able to move the contraption in six different degrees, making realistic g-force simulation possible. The manufacturer claims "100% realistic steering feedback." The seat of my pants is feeling less ignored all of a sudden.

"This is not a video game linked to a steering wheel, race seat, and pedals. Although easy to operate, this is the exact same equipment used by the top racing drivers and engineers to improve their racecraft and evaluate new tracks and car settings. Our simulator and the software it uses cannot be bought in a store,"says Frank Kalff, Cruden's commercial director. "The simulator takes minutes to learn and enjoy but a lifetime to master, unlike most driving games which are conquered and then discarded before too long. The immense challenge of honing the same level of driving skill as a top racing driver is unbelievably addictive and satisfying."

The machinery is built to last ten to fifteen years without a major overhaul. Cruden offers NASCAR, Formula One, and SportsCar racing, along with a plethora of tracks and event set-ups. You can select from several different monitor choices, as well as tailor the driving seat to your needs (re: your American girth).

So, yeah, I friggin' need one, BAD! I'm already hatching plans for knocking off armored trucks and roadside taco stands. This video is two years old; the C3TR has been significantly improved since it was shot. You will get a good idea of just how unbelievably kewl this thing is however, 2007 be damned!

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